Chapter 1511: “The Fish is Hooked (1)”

    Chapter 1511: "The Fish is Hooked (1)"

    The three youths exchanged glances like they had found something fun to toy with and they all turned to walk towards Jun Wu Xie.

    From what they were seeing, the very young and thin framed Jun Wu Xie with such a weak little Ring Spirit would surely have failed at the Battle of Deities' competition, and would make a good prime target for them to show themselves off.

    Jun Wu Xie was walking her own when she suddenly heard footsteps coming up from behind her. She subconsciously turned her head and saw the three tall youths approaching her with sinister expressions on their faces.

    [Another bunch here to court death?] Jun Wu Xie watched them approaching with an icy gaze, but her face otherwise not showing any expression.

    "Kid, you....."

    However, one of the youths had just opened his mouth and not even managed to say three words when a figure suddenly appeared before the three youths, blocking them off from Jun Wu Xie.

    The three youths were startled by the sudden appearance of a person and when they managed to have a good look, they saw that it was a tall slender framed man with a handsome featured face. The man's eyes were narrowed and the corners of his mouth slightly lifted, looking very much like a fox.

    "Hey, you are....." One of the youths started to say in displeasure but his companion very quickly raised up a hand to clamp it over his mouth.

    The youth did not understand and he was making muffled cries from before his companion's hand that was clamped over his mouth but the other youth on his left raised his hand and pointed it right at the chest of the fox like man.

    The youth who had his mouth covered then looked at where his companion pointed and all the blood immediately drained out of his face, his legs beginning to shake.

    "Sorry! We'll get out of the way! ! !" The three youths quickly apologised with their heads lowered and their faces pale before the fox like guy and their bodies were all trembling like weak willows within the wind.

    "Ignorance of youth is not exactly entirely wrong but one must still learn to curb one's impulses. Begone." The fox like guy said with a smile, his tone obviously friendly and smiling but it somehow drove chills to crawl up the youths' spine.

    The three youths had almost in that same instant turned tail and run with their tails between their legs, like a vicious demon was chasing them right behind.

    The fox guy watched the three youths scrambling away in a run and then turned himself around, to look smilingly at Jun Wu Xie standing there before him.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze was cold and clear, looking expressionlessly at the newcomer. She had known clearly the intentions of the three youths earlier and she had also noticed how those three youths and suddenly had a drastic change in demeanor after seeing something upon the fox like guy, from being highly pompous with glee to suddenly turn into terrified stray dogs.

    "Little fella, your performance back at the Innate Gift competition venue was just amazingly fantastic." The handsome looking man said, his face smiling widely as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, that pair of eyes turning into two crescents looking just like two crescent moons, his mouth curled up into a highly friendly smile.

    "You are?" Jun Wu Xie asked as her eyes swept fleetingly over the figure of the man, only seeing the image of a silver wolf's head intricately embroidered into his clothes right upon the front of his chest.

    "I had just happened to see your performance by coincidence and had thought that it was highly novel so I had come here to see you with just a few doubts that I would up like to have cleared up with you." The fox like guy said with a slightly tilted head, the smile still upon his face, his eyes narrowed up so much with smiles that you could not see his eyes.

    Jun Wu Xie did not show any kind of reaction on her face and she could roughly guess at the identity of the other party. From the moment she left the Innate Gift competition venue, she had noticed that she had quite a number of Purple Spirits on her tail behind. But all those people had powers that were inferior to hers and that was why she had been able to sense them. As for this man right before her, she had not noticed the slightest trace of his presence in any way before this.

    [This man's powers was above hers!]

    [If her guess was correct, those people who had been tailing here before must have been from the Twelve Palaces!]
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