Chapter 1512: “The Fish is Hooked (2)”

    Chapter 1512: "The Fish is Hooked (2)"

    Though this was the exact effect that Jun Wu Xie seeked to achieve but.....

    When she had traded blows with an Elder of the Twelve Palaces from before, the enemy's powers had been below hers, but she could still not be sure that all the Elders of the Twelve Palaces were weaker than she was. Although Jun Wu Xie could not be certain of the other party's identity at that moment, the thing she was sure of at that point was that he possessed powers superior to that of an Elder!

    "Clear what up?" Jun Wu Xie asked, apparently unmoved.

    The fox like guy's gaze then fell upon the little black cat within Jun Wu Xie's arms.

    "That is your Ring Spirit?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "It's aura seems rather weak, I can feel it. Which makes me rather curious, what was that thing that you showed on stage earlier? How is it that such a tiny little cat like this was able to have the ability to tread on formless air? And it was even able to be imbued with the power of flames? If my memory serves me correctly, besides flying type Ring Spirits, other types of Ring Spirits should not be able to fly through the air." The fox like guy said candidly.

    And just at the moment that the fox like guy asked that question, Jun Wu Xie could sense that quite a number of Purple Spirits were hidden in many places surrounding her. The people from the Twelve Palaces must have finally managed to catch up.

    But there was one point that was rather strange. Why were they not revealing themselves?

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes lowered slightly. She was not in a rush. Anyway, they have all gathered around and it was about time that she continued to bait her hook to lure the fish.

    "That was Spirit Reinforcement." Jun Wu Xie lifted up her eyes to say.

    "Spirit Reinforcement?" The fox like guy queried with a bewildered expression on his face.

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "With the power of the spirit, using a special kind of water, and writing out a kind of rune spell. This can only be used upon a Ring Spirit which would give the Ring Spirit many different kinds of effects."

    "Oh? Is there such an amazing thing in this world? I have not heard of it myself." The fox like guy then said.

    Jun Wu Xie then went on to explain coldly: "Although Spirit Reinforcement uses one's spirit power, it is not something that any average person will be able to use. This is an ability unique to people from our Spirit Mastery Tribe and other people would naturally not know much about it."

    "Spirit Mastery Race? There's such a race within the Middle Realm? I don't think I've heard of that before.

    The little black cat then stole a quick glance at the fox like guy's bewildered expression, its heart secretly feeling nothing but contempt.

    [Of course you haven't heard of it before. That was just something its Mistress had conveniently made up out of nowhere. If you had heard of it then you must have heard it from a ghost.]

    However, Jun Wu Xie did not bat even an eyelid, her face not even reddening in the slightest, her breath not affected at all to say with her gaze steady: "Naturally there is, or where did you think I came from."

    The fox like guy was stumped for awhile and he raised his hand to rub at his chin as his eyes narrowed with no one knowing what was going through his mind.

    Jun Wu Xie was already continuing on to say: "This Spirit Mastery Race of ours number only a rare few and like to remain aloof from worldly affairs, living in seclusion deep within the mountains and are unwilling to reveal themselves to people. It is not normal that you would not have heard of us."

    "Oh. Since your people like to remain aloof, why had you come to the Battle of Deities Grand Meet this time?" The fox like guy had immediately spotted the contradiction in Jun Wu Xie's words.

    Jun Wu Xie sneered coldly in his heart but her face did not show any expression.

    "How can everyone be all the same? A man's ambition lies in making his mark within the world so why must I be constrained to one single place? Since I hold different views with the people from my race I decided to leave and travel the world. Is it wrong of me to do that?" Jun Wu Xie said in a composed and measured tone, slowly weaving together the lies bit by bit into one whole false image.

    Just what kind of a draw Spirit Reinforcement would bring to the Middle Realm was clear to Jun Wu Xie. All she needed was a perfect conclusion to paint her as the one and only person to possess such power before the Twelve Palaces!
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