Chapter 1513: “The Fish is Hooked (3)”

    Chapter 1513: "The Fish is Hooked (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie only revealed to the Twelve Palaces with three clues.

    One, the use of Spirit Reinforcement was exclusive only to the Spirit Mastery Race.

    Two, the Spirit Reinforcement race stood aloof from worldly affairs, and were hard to locate.

    Three, she was not on good terms with others of her race.

    These three points were enough to make the Twelve Palaces understand that before them, Jun Wu Xie was the only person that was able to use Spirit Reinforcement. Before the Twelve Palaces found others from the Spirit Mastery race, they could only depend on her to acquire the strength of Spirit Reinforcement.

    And all these three points, were complete lies that Jun Wu Xie had made up.

    To achieve her objective of making the Twelve Palaces unwilling to harm her in fear of losing that power completely.

    She was not afraid that her lies would be unmasked as besides herself, no one else knew how to use Spirit Reinforcement and that was her biggest bargaining chip to be used against them!

    The fox like guy looked at Jun Wu Xie, only half believing her. After remaining silent for a while, he suddenly said: "This is indeed a good example of the hot bloodedness of youth. It's great that you think this way. The world is a vast place and the ambitions of great men are everywhere. This Spirit Reinforcement of the Spirit Mastery race is something really great and possessing it will definitely bring you great returns. The decision you made is correct and I believe you will receive even better rewards from this Battle of Deities Grand Meet."

    Jun Wu Xie just looked at him and did not say anything.

    "It getting a little late and you should go back and get some rest. I am looking forward to your performance in the days ahead in this Battle of Deities Grand Meet and I hope you will be able to show us more stunning displays." The fox like guys said smilingly.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the fox like guy and asked: "Which palace are you from?"

    The fox like guy was taken aback and it was obvious that he had not expected that Jun Wu Xie would actually not know where he was from. He then lowered his head and looked at the silver wolf emblem on the front of his chest. "You do not recognize this?"

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    The fox like guy suddenly laughed out loud. "Alright. Now I truly believe that the Spirit Mastery race are a tribe of people who keep themselves aloof from worldly affairs. I am not anyone from the Twelve Palaces. My name is Su Jing Yan."

    [Not from the Twelve Palaces?]

    [Could he be..... from the Nine Temples?]

    Jun Wu Xie finally understood why the numerous number of people from the Twelve Palaces who had followed behind her had not shown themselves all this time.

    The Twelve Palaces were seeking to go against the Nine Temples but at the current stage, the Nine Temples were still suppressing the Twelve Palaces from above and strictly speaking from a certain perspective, the Nine Temples were one rank higher over the Twelve Palaces.

    "I'll remember it." Upon saying that, Jun Wu Xie immediately turned around to leave with the little black cat in her arms.

    After Jun Wu Xie had taken few steps away, the benign smile upon Su Jing Yan face did not fade away as his eyes gazed slightly around the surroundings from where he stood and then suddenly said: "I hope that all of you had not forgotten the rules of the Battle of Deities Grand Meet. Before the Battle of Deities Grand Meet ends, the only thing all of you can do is watch and observe."

    Jun Wu Xie heard Su Jing Yan's words but her steps did not slow at all.

    Because all those words were not directed at her, but was meant for the ears of all those people hidden within the shadows, people from the Twelve Palaces who had wanted to follow behind Jun Wu Xie!

    All was quiet upon the street and only Su Jing Yan stood there to watch Jun Wu Xie depart, the sound of the wind quietly blowing past.

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt the numerous presence she had noticed following her were suddenly speedily retreating away.

    [Look like.....]

    [The kind of suppression the Nine Temples held over the Twelve Palaces was rather great.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes were lower, her steps steady.

    The rules for the Battle of Deities Grand Meet had been set by both the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples and it was decided that before the Battle of Deities Grand Meet ended, all members belonging to the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples were to only spectate and observe, to judge the potential of every single youth. Unless the person they had their eye on was eliminated from the competition midway, otherwise they could only continue to observe, till the grand meet had concluded before they were able to extend an olive branch to the youths they had picked out.

    After that, it would be then be left to the people who had been picked to choose which power they wished to swear allegiance to.
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