Chapter 1514: “Quick Gathering (1)”

    Chapter 1514: "Quick Gathering (1)"

    After that, it would be then be left to the people who had been picked to choose which power they wished to swear allegiance to.

    When Jun Wu Xie got back to the inn, Ye Sha and Ye Gu immediately revealed themselves.

    "After Young Miss left the competition, the Twelve Palaces each sent out their men to tail you but they have all been driven back by Su Jing Yan." Ye Sha reported.

    "Su Jing Yan said he was not from the Twelve Palaces. Is he then from the Nine Temples?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her head propped up by one hand, to look at Ye Sha questioningly.

    Ye Sha nodded. "The emblem on Su Jing Yan's chest is the symbol used by the Nine Temples' Heavenly Wolf Temple."

    "Heavenly Wolf Temple." Jun Wu Xie mouthed the words, her eyes narrowing up.

    "This Battle of Spirits Grand Meet was suggested by the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples are merely spectators. They will take part but will not select any talents. In fact, your subordinate had investigated and discovered that the Nine Temples had not picked any candidates from the past few Battle of Deities Grand Meet, seemingly having handed over their right to choose to the Twelve Palaces completely." Ye Sha said, reporting the news he had gathered to Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up slightly.

    The Twelve Palaces were fighting to gain themselves more authourity and were blatantly growing their powers. It was impossible that the Nine Temples were not able to notice that kind of ambition.

    But Ye Sha's words were making her feel that something was strange.

    It was not possible that the Nine Temples did not know the Twelve Palaces' intentions but they were not doing anything about it. What the Nine Temples were doing, had instead looked like they were leaving the Twelve Palaces alone to continue to strengthen themselves.

    Why were they doing that?

    That would seem to be highly illogical.

    Who would be glad that someone else was coveting for one's position?

    "From your subordinate's observations, the Nine Temples have only sent out one person each to partake in this Battle of Deities Grand Meet and at the Innate Gift competition, it had looked like there was only that one person from the Heavenly Wolf Temple." Ye Sha said.

    "What could the Nine Temples really be thinking?" Jun Wu Xie could not fathom what the Nine Temples' intentions really were.

    "Would Young Miss want your subordinate to continue looking into it?" Ye Sha asked.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    Her objective in coming to the Middle Realm was to go against the Twelve Palaces and to look for her father's spirit in the Spirit World. Since the Nine Temples were laying low, before they came into conflict, Jun Wu Xie did not intend to make another enemy.

    But, though the Nine Temples were allowing the Twelve Palaces to strengthen themselves, the fact that Su Jing Yan had stopped the people from the Twelve Palaces from following her today made Jun Wu Xie realize that the Nine Temples were not completely letting the Twelve Palaces to have everything their way. They had instead seemingly set certain prerequisite and rules before they would step up to stop the Twelve Palaces' outrageous deeds.

    And that one point alone was enough for Jun Wu Xie.

    "Not for the time being. If you have nothing on your hands now, help me establish contact with Dumb Qiao and the others." Jun Wu Xie said as he rubbed at her chin. Everything till that point had progressed according to plan. The Battle of Deities Grand Meet's first day was only just the beginning and after this, the show would continue to go on.

    But the attitude the Nine Temples were taking, caused Jun Wu Xie to have a few more things to think about.

    "Tell them to avoid detection and come here to look for me tonight. I have something I need to discuss." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "Yes!" Ye Sha and Ye Gu acknowledged.

    The two men quickly retreated out from Jun Wu Xie's room and they went to get in touch with Jun Wu Xie's other little companions upon Mount Fu Yao.

    When night fell, Mount Fu Yao returned back to peace and quiet after the day's bustle. The youths who had been excited for the whole day dragged their weary bodies into bed and they sank into their dreams.

    Several figures darted within the darkness under the cover of night, all of them making their way towards the same point.

    Jun Wu Xie sat within her room. Hearing light steps outside her door, she walked over and opened it, to see Hua Yao standing right in front of her room.
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