Chapter 1515: “Quick Gathering (2)”

    Chapter 1515: "Quick Gathering (2)"

    "Seems like, I am the first one?" Hua Yao said softly as he walked into the room and glanced around inside.

    "You're nearest." Jun Wu Xie said candidly.

    Hua Yao sat upon a chair at the side, his face not smiling but his eyes tinged with a gentleness.

    In just a little while, another few more figures appeared before Jun Wu Xie's door. It did not take long for Qiao Chu, Fan Zhuo, Fan Yan and Rong Ruo to arrive in a quick rush.

    Six little companions, after having parted for a while, had gathered together again, their faces filled with smiles.

    "Which competition venue did you all go to? I haven't seen any of you?" The moment he just barely sat down, he quickly asked all the others. He had gone to the spirit power competition where he competed with others on the extent of their spirit powers. He had initially thought that since there were only a total of four competition venues and there were six of them, besides Hua Yao who would be at the Innate Gift competition, no one else would go there while medical proficiency was Jun Wu Xie's area of expertise.

    That would leave him, Fei Yan, Fan Zhuo and Rong Ruo to be split between the spirit power competition and the Ring Spirit competition venues. He had thought he would surely meet at least one of them right?

    In the end, he had not seen a single one of them.

    "I went to the Ring Spirit one." Fei Yan said with a shrug of his shoulders.

    "Spirit power for me." Rong Ruo said.

    "Me too." Hua Yao followed to say.

    "I went to the Ring Spirit one." Fan Zhuo said.

    Qiao Chu was stunned for a while.

    "Brother Hua and Little Ruo went to the spirit power competition? But..... why didn't I see you both at all?"

    That was impossible!

    "I went there earlier than you." Hua Yao said.

    "I was earlier than you too." Rong Ruo said shrugging his shoulders.

    "How did the two of you know that you went went there earlier than me! ?" Qiao Chu asked in indignation.

    "Because when we were entering the venue, I saw you chewing on a pancake while rushing to the competition venue." Rong Ruo said helpfully to ease Qiao Chu doubts.

    Qiao Chu's mouth opened and closed, and immediately fell silent.

    He had woken up a little late that day and had gone to the competition venue a little later.

    Fan Zhuo glanced at the look on Qiao Chu's face and he laughed before turning to Jun Wu Xie to ask: "Little Xie went to the Medical Proficiency competition?"

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    "Then where did you go?" Fan Zhuo then asked.

    "Innate Gift." Jun Wu Xie answered in a calm voice.

    At that moment, all the companions' eyes turned onto Jun Wu Xie.

    "Little Xie, you went to..... the Innate Gift competition? Why?" Qiao Chu asked, looking at Jun Wu Xie in incomprehension. In Jun Wu Xie's situation, going to any of the other three competition venues would be much more of a breeze for her so why had she chosen a venue that was most unsuited for her?

    They all knew that Jun Wu Xie had been from the Lower Realm and the Innate Gift competition venue was a place prepared for people from the various tribes and races. Having Jun Wu Xie, a Young Miss from a duke's palace going there..... would be thought to be unimaginable in the least.

    "I used Spirit Reinforcement." Jun Wu Xie understood the kind of doubts her companions were feeling and she did not keep them in suspense but had just told it to them straight off the bat.

    "You used Spirit Reinforcement?" Fan Zhuo asked, his eyes filled with a trace of surprise. They all knew about Jun Wu Xie's Spirit Reinforcement. They had been very interested in that highly amazing and novel power and they had attempted to duplicate the Spirit Reinforcement that Jun Wu Xie had drawn up by watching her. But no matter how exactly alike they drew the runes, they were still unable to draw out the special effects that Jun Wu Xie was able to achieve.

    "Spirit Reinforcement could turn out to be something really big. Afterall, you are the only one who is able to use it and its powers are strange. But if the Twelve Palaces sets their eyes on you because of that, wouldn't it....." Fan Zhuo's face was a little worried. The way the Twelve Palaces did things, was not known to be gentle.

    Jun Wu Xie lifted up an eyebrow slightly and answered: "Exactly what I want. For them to keep their eyes on me."
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