Chapter 1516: “Quick Gathering (3)”

    Chapter 1516: "Quick Gathering (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie lifted up an eyebrow slightly and answered: "Exactly what I want. For them to keep their eyes on me."

    "Your little mind is packed with all kinds of ideas and I believe your decision will not be wrong." Fan Zhuo saw that Jun Wu Xie was being so confident and he then felt more assured.

    Qiao Chu blinked his eyes as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. He had been filled with curiosity towards Jun Wu Xie's Spirit Reinforcement and he had experimented with it for several days at a stretch, drying up an entire bucket of water wanting to succeed just one time, but had ended up failing miserably as a result.

    "Little Xie, revealing your Spirit Reinforcement to people out there, wouldn't it stir up a storm? Why would you show such a good thing to those people?" Qiao Chu asked.

    Jun Wu Xie turned to look at Qiao Chu. "Because I want to be admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy."

    "Har?" Qiao Chu was immediately shocked. "You are going to accept the Twelve Palaces' invitation?"

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. " I had linked myself up with the Palace Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace before this and I will be going into the Cloudy Brook Academy as the Spirit Jade Palace's candidate."

    "Spirit Jade Palace....."

    Jun Wu Xie's words greatly surprised all the companions. The words Spirit Jade Palace sounded a little too far away from them all.

    "The Spirit Jade Palace still exists? It is rumoured that the Spirit Jade Palace has vanished for a very long time and to think that you are able to still find them. That's really....." Rong Ruo felt that she had to take her hats off to Jun Wu Xie. Just how had she managed to achieve that?

    "The Spirit Jade Palace had always been fiercely persecuted by the Twelve Palaces. If you go there as a member of the Spirit Jade Palace, the people from the Twelve Palaces will never let you live in peace." Hua Yao said, his voice rather solemn.

    Jun Wu Xie instead replied: "With the Nine Temples around, the Twelve Palaces will not dare to carry things too far."

    "I asked all of you to come here today because I wanted to ask all of you. Have any of you encountered anyone from the Nine Temples?" Jun Wu Xie asked at she looked at her little companions, but all of them were shaking their heads.

    Qiao Chu and the other companions had revealed their real powers in the various competition venues and it could be said that they had caused a huge commotion. But no one had come to try establish contact with them.

    Though that was a point that wasn't that hard to understand.

    What Qiao Chu and the other companions showed were either their strong Ring Spirits, or powerful spirit powers. Although they displayed rare gift and had astounded a whole bunch of people, it held an entirely different kind of meaning from Jun Wu Xie's Spirit Reinforcement. Spirit Reinforcement was something that had never appeared within the Middle Realm before and possessed great power. Such a thing would hold irresistible appeal to people within the Middle Realm.

    Instead, though Qiao Chu and the others had been extremely powerful compared to people of a similar age, both Ring Spirits and spirit powers were things that people were highly used to seeing afterall. They had attracted the attention of the Twelve Palaces but with the rules of the competition hanging over their heads, it wasn't enough to make the Twelve Palaces really do anything right before the eyes of the Nine Temples.

    And only the hand that Jun Wu Xie had revealed had garnered enough attention to draw out all the people from the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples.

    Jun Wu Xie was silent for a moment and she told her companions her own guesses about the Nine Temples. After Qiao Chu and the others heard that, they managed to have a rudimentary understanding of them.

    "For the Nine Temples to indulge the Twelve Palaces so readily, they must have their own reasons for doing that. I am instead thinking that the Nine Temples being able to suppress the Twelve Palaces all this while cannot be without reason, so how could it be that easy for the Twelve Palaces to seek to surpass the Nine Temples just like that?" Fei Yan said with his hands clasped behind his head, the corners of his mouth curled up in a smile.

    The demarcation of powers in the Middle Realm had remained like this for a long long time and besides the Dark Regions having gone into seclusion, the ranks and division of the other powers had not changed by too much.

    "Regardless of what intentions the Nine Temples really have, our target is still the Twelve Palaces. After we come out from the Cloudy Brook Academy, will it then be the real start of our plans." Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up, glinting with steely determination.
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