Chapter 1517: “Drawing Attention (1)”

    Chapter 1517: "Drawing Attention (1)"

    Not long after the little companions gathered together, they all went back to their respective places, to continue their preparations for their grand revenge.

    And while Jun Wu Xie was discussing their plans with Qiao Chu and the others, in many places throughout Mount Fu Yao, many voices were raised in heated debate.

    Inside the Cloudy Brook Academy, a hunchbacked little old man was seated at his table feeling highly bored, his eyes squinting to become a narrow slit as he unfolded a book from the pile stacked up upon his study table.

    "My Lord." A man greeted as he came walking silently into the study, looking respectfully at the little old man.

    The little old man's eyes were still squinted as he raised his head up. "What is it?"

    "Reporting to my Lord. The person you asked us to locate, has been found." The man said.

    A light immediately shone out from the little old man's eyes! "You found that little fella? Where is he?" This was the one and only piece of good news he had heard in so many days past.

    "At the Innate Gift competition venue." The man replied. After the day the little old man returned here, the old man had immediately handed a portrait over to him, telling him that they must find the youth depicted within the portrait. But unfortunately, even after they searched the entire Mount Fu Yao from top to bottom for an whole half month, they were still unable to find the person the little old man wanted.

    And it was just today that the person they had stationed at the Innate Gift competition venue had suddenly come running back, to tell him that they had finally found the person!

    "Innate Gift competition?" The little old man was obviously rather bewildered. "With such great skills in Medicine, why had that little brat not gone to the Medical Proficiency competition and went running to the Innate Gift competition for?"

    The little old man grumbled a little bit more and then went on to ask: "How did he do at the Innate Gift competition? Was he kicked out immediately?" When he said those words, the little old man's face was filled with mirth.

    It was not because he held any spite against the little brat, but it was because he had seen with his own eyes the kind of medical skills Jun Wu Xie possessed and having encountered that, he knew that the little kid was not from the Bone Shifters Tribe, nor was he from those uniques races like Witch Doctors or any other tribes. The Innate Gift competition was a venue where people from unique races and tribes reigned, so what could a bratty little kid really amount to running to go to such a place?

    The little old man was even laughing as he said: "I had thought that that little brat looked quite smart. Why would he suddenly commit such a lack of good judgement in this matter? With the kind of knowledge he has in Medicine, if he had gone to the Medical Proficiency competition, he might very well have come out among the top ten ranked! But he had instead dug himself into the Innate Gift competition, Haiz.... When he get booted out from the competition he's surely gonna cry his nose red."

    The little old man was still rambling on and on when the expression on the face of the man in the study twisted up.

    "My Lord..... That person did not get eliminated."

    "Oh?" The little old man's head snapped up. "Didn't get kicked out? He was that lucky?"

    "Not only did he not get eliminated, but in just the first round, he managed to capture the attention of everyone from the Nine Temples and the Twelve Palaces." The man went on to say.

    "What! ?" The smile on the little old man's face immediately disappeared completely. He had still been happy that Jun Wu Xie had picked an unfavourable competition venue and would be eliminated from the competition midway so he would then be able to scoop up the prize that had been dropped, never expecting that he would end up hearing such news!

    Not only had the kid advanced successfully, but he had immediately drawn the attention of both the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples? !

    "What really happened! ? You better explain it all clearly to me. Wasn't it said that the Nine Temples were partaking in the meet? Why are they even paying the kid any attention?" There was no longer the slightest trace of a smile upon the little old man's face. In fact, his slightly creased up brows were already betraying the kind of displeasure he was feeling.

    The man immediately told the little old man how Jun Wu Xie had performed in the Innate Gift competition on that first day.

    "After that Young Master left the competition venue, people from both the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples had immediately followed him out. But Su Jing Yan from the Heavenly Wolf Temple had managed to get the first foot in and stopped the Young Master to ask him a few questions."
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