Chapter 1518: “Drawing Attention (2)”

    Chapter 1518: "Drawing Attention (2)"

    "What did the guy from Heavenly Wolf Temple say to him?" The little old man's brows were creasing up tighter together. From what the man has described, it was understood that what Jun Wu Xie had used on a Ring Spirit was something amazing and unprecedented. At least for him, he had never heard of such a thing before this.

    The man then told the little old man of the conversation between Su Jing Yan and Jun Wu Xie.

    The little old man fell silent. He had not thought that that little brat who had seemed to possess rather good skills in Medicine would also possess such an ability called "Spirit Reinforcement".

    "My Lord, is there really such a race of people from the so called Spirit Mastery Tribe in the Middle Realm? Why..... had we not ever heard of them before?" The man was rather doubtful in his heart as they had never even heard of the words Spirit Mastery race before.

    The little old man sighed a long sigh and replied: "Within such a vast world, it not something that either you or me could claim to understand completely. Regardless whether the Spirit Mastery race exists or not, there is one point that we can be sure of. Now that his Spirit Reinforcement has been revealed, that little brat has drawn all of the Twelve Palaces' and the Nine Temples' attention onto him. Fortunately, the Nine Temples do not seem to have intentions of sticking their hands into this too much at this moment but are just holding the others back, that could at least gain that little kid some breathing space. Otherwise..... that bunch of scoundrels from the Twelve Palaces would now be fighting each other to swallow the kid up!" The little old man went on to say, and felt a headache coming on.

    That little brat was really capable in stirring up trouble. He had initially thought of picking that kid up before he could take part in the Battle of Deities Grand Meet but in the end, having spent half a month looking for him had yielded no results in finding him. Now that he had finally appeared..... he had immediately stirred up so many problems.

    "Does my Lord intend to pull that Young Master over to our side?" The man could see that the little old man held great interest towards Jun Wu Xie.

    The little old man sighed once again.

    "It's too late! If it had been before his Spirit Reinforcement was revealed, I would naturally be able to rope her in. But now, her ability has already been shown and displayed before the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples. If I am to snatched the little guy over now, things would become highly complicated and difficult to resolve." The little old man was thinking how great a pity it was the more he thought about it. He had definitely been the first one to discover that little brat, how had things suddenly fallen into this highly vicious cycle.

    The man just continued to look at the little old man but did not say anything.

    The little old man then waved his hand dismissively. "Have people watch all of them closely. If the Twelve Palaces continue to adhere to the rules with their actions, I shall not stick my nose into this matter. But if it turns out that they come to commit any atrocities, I'll then act..... Mm, by reason of them breaching the rules."

    "Yes, my Lord!" The man acknowledged and then retreated out through the door.

    In the study, the little old man sighed in lament as he looked at the scenery outside the window, but he could find no joy in his heart.

    "Little brat, you have really gotten yourself into something huge!"

    With the appearance of Spirit Reinforcement, it would surely shatter certain latent balances. Regardless of whichever palace Jun Wu Xie chose in the end, the other palaces left out would not wish for their opponent to possess a power that was completely unique and unreplicable. From initially vying for it, it would definitely result in regret from failing to acquire the power.

    A completely unique and independent prize like this, its very existence would already bring much danger upon itself. And the threat that kind of uncertainty brought, would bring great amounts of unease to the rest of the Twelve Palaces. Based on the usual style of the Twelve Palaces, it was feared that things they could not get..... They would rather destroy than let the other palaces gain the advantage.

    The little old man began feeling even more helpless the more he thought about it, and he could only secretly wish fervently that Jun Wu Xie would be able to turn this misfortune around.

    Meanwhile, at that same moment, the people from the Twelve Palaces at the Innate Gift competition had already relayed the news about the Spirit Mastery race and Spirit Reinforcement to their respective Elders. A quiet race was being silently carried out in secret immediately as all the respective palaces were not willing to give up on the tussle this time round.
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