Chapter 1519: “Jostling for a Candidate (1)”

    Chapter 1519: "Jostling for a Candidate (1)"

    Towards what the Twelve Palaces thought, Jun Wu Xie did not let it concern him that much.

    Jun Wu Xie continued to blind people with her brilliance once everyday at the Innate Gift competition venue. Throughout the several days that the Battle of Spirits Grand Meet continued on for, she advanced through the ranks without the least bit of apprehension from the judges. Meanwhile, the situation on the other side for Qiao Chu and the others were smooth sailing just the same. For someone who was able to breakthrough to the Purple Spirit being just in their teens was extremely rare even in the Middle Realm.

    It could have been the warning Su Jing Yan gave to the people from the Twelve Palaces that gave them a certain amount of pressure, but for a period of time after that, Jun Wu Xie did not sense anyone from the Twelve Palaces tailing behind her.

    Within a whole group of youths who buried her heads down to struggle endlessly and fighting to advance in the competition, Jun Wu Xie with Qiao Chu and the others sliced through the competition, to come all the way to the finals at the end.

    On the last day of the Battle of Deities Grand Meet, which was also the day where the grand meet's final results would be determined, that was fast approaching.

    The Battle of Deities Grand Meet's results would not rank the winners individually as the first or second ranked, but gathered the top ten together as a group, where they would then be chosen by the people from the Twelve Palaces.

    After Jun Wu Xie successfully advanced into the top ten ranks on the last day, the number of people at the Innate Gift competition venue was extremely sparse. Throughout the numerous rounds of advancements and eliminations, most of the youths had chosen to leave the venue. For those people who had been eliminated before the end of the competition, if they had managed to gain the interest of anyone from the Twelve Palaces, they would receive an invitation on the same day they were eliminated which would enable them to continue to remain upon Mount Fu Yao. As for those who were eliminated and did not receive any invitations, they could only pack up and leave on their own.

    Up on the initially highly bustling summit of Mount Fu Yao, had at that time only a few hundred people left. Compared to the endless seas of people there was at the beginning of the competition, the place was now feeling a little cold and cheerless.

    As one of the final winners of the Innate Gift competition, Jun Wu Xie and the other nine youths stood till the end. When it finally ended, the other nine people were almost on the verge of tears with happiness. Without mentioning about anything else, as long as one was among the top ten from the various competition venues, it was certain that they would receive an invitation from the Twelve Palaces. That would also mean that the path leading towards their future would be much smoother and wider than all others.

    Jun Wu Xie stood indifferently at the side, not a single trace of emotion upon that clear and delicately featured face. Compared to the other nine who were about to cry out from ecstasy, her indifference made people feel a little surprised by her.

    Within the vast premises of the competition venue, those disciples who have already received invitations from the Twelve Palaces looked on with envy at the ten people with Jun Wu Xie among them. Although they had received invitations from the Twelve Palaces, the kind of worth one gained by being within the top ten was not something they could hope to compare with, being candidates who had been eliminated. Overcome with envy, they silently departed from the competition venue.

    The entire premises only had the ten youths left.

    The entire Battle of Deities Grand Meet had gone on for an entire month this time, and the private rooms upon the second level of the Innate Gift competition venue were opened up at that moment!

    Twenty over figures appeared before Jun Wu Xie and the nine others in an instant. At the moment that those people appeared, the air in the entire venue suddenly became very tense.

    About two or three people had walked out from each of the private rooms. Their gazes were sharp and their eyes glanced at each other, looking highly guarded.

    The several youths standing within the competition venue had upon seeing those people appear, had their faces turn red with anxiety and nervousness. They had fought tooth and nail till this moment, to gain themselves the honour of this very moment!

    These people before them, were the very targets they had set for themselves to become, the elites among the Twelve Palaces! !

    However, in contrast to the highly agitated and anxious youths, Jun Wu Xie was a whole lot calmer. Her eyes were lowered, as she used her own spirit powers to discreetly try to probe these people from the Twelve Palaces without being noticed. With that probe, it brought her a rather interesting piece of news.

    Among those twenty over people, there were twelve among them whose powers had reached the Purple Spirit's third stage!
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