Chapter 1520: “Jostling for a Candidate (2)”

    Chapter 1520: "Jostling for a Candidate (2)"

    The Purple Spirit's third stage, only Elders of the Twelve Palaces could possess such powers. And this time, the Twelve Palaces had actually sent all their Elders out here!

    A cold sneering laugh rose in Jun Wu Xie's heart.

    They had been hooked as expected.

    The appearance of Spirit Reinforcement had made the Twelve Palaces to be unable to sit back.

    And within that group of people, Jun Wu Xie saw a familiar figure.

    Su Jing Yan was wearing that fox like smile as he came before everyone, while the Elders of the Twelve Palaces were all looking at Su Jing Yan with highly guarded gazes.

    "Congratulations to all of you distinguished candidates, to have achieved such exemplary results to come in among the top ten in this Innate Gift competition. All of you standing here are the most elite among the Innate Gift competition and you will soon gain the kind of future that you rightfully deserve." A middle aged man said as he stood with his hands behind his back, the corners of his mouth lifted up in a smile as he looked at the ten youths before his eyes. Although his mouth mentioned the top ten in his words, his gaze kept hovering fleetingly over the figure of Jun Wu Xie.

    The other nine youths drew in a deep breath. After being praised, their faces were filled with irrepressible joy and pride. They puffed up their chests, just like they were standing there awaiting for their bright future to descend onto them.

    Jun Wu Xie glanced indifferently at that middle aged man. This man had come out from one of the private rooms and he had two slightly younger men following behind him. From the deferring and respectful manners they showed to this man, it was not difficult to deduce the man's higher status and position.

    This man must be an Elder of one of the Palaces.

    The position of the Elders from the Twelve Palaces were second only to the Palace Lords and no matter who encountered them, all of them had to be highly respectful towards them.


    Among the group of people who came here today, he was not the only one.

    At the moment that man's voice fell, a middle aged man who was smaller in stature came forward a step, to stand right before the several youths and said: "Your outstanding abilities have been clear to see. I am an Elder from the Green Tide Palace, and the Green Tide Palace needs talents just like all of you here."

    Green Tide Palace!

    Hearing those three words, quite a number of the youths began to become more excited.

    Although the Green Tide Palace was not the mightiest among the Twelve Palaces, they were still considered to be a highly powerful one.

    "Hah, the words you speak is rather interesting. The Green Tide Palace isn't the only one who is seeking for talents." Another man said, similarly taking a single step forward. He didn't use words in so grandiose a manner like the two Elders before him but instead continued walking to come right before Jun Wu Xie.

    "Kid, I have watched all your performances in this competition myself and as an Elder of the Zen Void Palace, I am extending an invitation to you to join us a member of the Zen Void Palace."

    Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow.

    Meanwhile, the words of the Elder from the Zen Void Palace caused the faces of the other Elders who had intended to progress steadily in their words to darken immediately.

    Jun Wu Xie was a candidate that they have all had their eyes on or it wouldn't have resulted in such a grand coalition of having all the Elders from the various palaces to end up gathering here at this one single venue. The Battle of Deities Grand Meet was to conclude today and everyone knew that it was time to begin the tussle to gain the best resources for themselves. In the past, the Elders of the various palaces would always be gathered at the Spirit Power competition venue or the Ring Spirit competition venue, to show the extent of their Elders' own powerful might, in order to convince more talented candidates to join them.

    But this time round, the venue that the fiercest tussle was at, had turned to become the Innate Gift competition venue because of Jun Wu Xie's presence alone.

    "The Zen Void Palace is really being too anxious here, they had actually said the very same words that we, the Dark Heavens Palace had wanted to say." The Elder from the Dark Heavens Palace said with a sneer as he walked forward as well.

    The Elder from the Zen Void Palace turned to stare at the Elder from the Dark Heavens Palace with a frown.

    "Looks like we have quite a number of people who have all set their sights upon this little Young Master here today." A rather bright and good looking man said with a laugh as he walked forward as well. "What an unfortunate coincidence. We, the Dragon Slayers Palace have the same intention to invite this Young Master to join us as well."
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