Chapter 1521: “Jostling for a Candidate (3)”

    Chapter 1521: "Jostling for a Candidate (3)"

    People from several palaces stepped forth one after another to voice out their intentions to invite Jun Wu Xie, and the others were naturally unable to hold themselves back any further, one by one making their wishes clear. In the blink of an eye, Jun Wu Xie had actually received an invitation from all the Twelve Palaces.

    Such a situation, was completely unprecedented from before.

    Seeing that one candidate was in such high demand, the other nine youths were all flabbergasted at the situation. They had thought that they would be warmly welcomed by the Twelve Palaces. When they saw the people from the Twelve Palaces stepping forward so politely, they had thought that they were in luck, never having expected that all the luck was only Jun Wu Xie's alone! !

    However, as there were too many people jostling for the same candidate and the Elders from the Twelve Palaces had come here well prepared, trading barbs with each other incessantly without anyone among them willing to give in, wishing they could just thrash the others right into the mud, to make their own palace appear stronger.

    The more heatedly they continued to vie, the more they made the others youths who were given the cold shoulder to boil with jealousy. Seeing all the men caught within such a fierce tussle to merely invite Jun Wu Xie to join them and the affected party himself standing indifferently at the side, the youths felt hatred start to rise within their hearts, but they did not dare to do anything to Jun Wu Xie before the men from the Twelve Palaces.

    Su Jing Yan looked on smilingly as he watched the men from Twelve Palaces almost going to throttle each other and he walked over to stand beside Jun Wu Xie to say with a smile: "Kid, you're really very popular."

    The Twelve Palaces had each sent out their Elders and it could be seen from this how much importance they attached to the Spirit Reinforcement. It did not matter which palace Jun Wu Xie picked today, it was sure to result in the other eleven palaces being displeased.

    "Being too highly sought after isn't really a good thing. Regardless which palace you choose in future, before you are admitted into the palace, you will have to cultivate within the Cloudy Brook Academy for a period before that. If you offend the other palaces, you might have to suffer quite a bit in there." Su Jing Yan said as he rubbed at his chin. People from the Twelve Palaces were not known for being magnanimous or forgiving, things that they were unable to get, they would naturally not wish others to have it.

    But throughout the Middle Realm, people who could use Spirit Reinforcement was only Jun Wu Xie alone. Even if any others had similar inclinations, they might not have such a good grasp of it.

    Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze to look at Su Jing Yan, not knowing whether he was trying to be kind or he was there just to enjoy the show.

    "You don't have to look at me like this. I am just voicing out my thoughts about this." Su Jing Yan went on to say with a smile, his eyes narrowed up and the emotions in them could not be seen.

    "But, if I were you, I would definitely choose the Palace of Flame Demons. Although the might of the Twelve Palaces do not differ by that much between them, but if we are looking only purely at might, the Palace of Flame Demons had comfortably surpassed the other palaces. So, if you are looking for a good place to roost, the Palace of Flame Demons might not be a bad choice as they would at least pick up quite a number of talented candidates from this Battle of Deities Grand Meet and even when you go to the Cloudy Brook Academy after this, those people picked by the Palace of Flame Demons would have to follow the palace's orders to watch out for you, wouldn't you then have something to rely on at least?" Su Jing Yan suggested, seemingly trying to be helpful.

    Jun Wu Xie saw that Su Jing Yan was not saying anything more. The Nine Palaces' attitude was rather strange in this situation.

    Among the Twelve Palaces, the Palace of Fire Demons held the greatest power. But even if Jun Wu Xie was intending to infiltrate herself into the Twelve Palaces, she would never choose the Palace of Flame Demons.

    For no other reason but the revenge she seeked to exact from the incident back in the Cloudy Peaks had made her hold irreconcilable differences with the Palace of Flame Demons.

    "If the Heavenly Wolf Temple truly so leisurely and free, wouldn't you rather choose a few candidates as well?" Jun Wu Xie asked, rather tonelessly.

    Su Jing Yan was slightly taken aback as he looked at Jun Wu Xie but then immediately broke into a laugh.

    "What? Little fella, don't tell you you intend to join our Heavenly Wolf Temple?"

    "Not interested." Jun Wu Xie replied as she glanced at the people from the Twelve Palaces, thinking that they've gone at each other's neck long enough and she reached her hand into her sleeve.
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