Chapter 1522: “Jostling for a Candidate (4)”

    Chapter 1522: "Jostling for a Candidate (4)"

    "Gentlemen, have you finished chatting?" Jun Wu Xie's voice suddenly rang out within the premises.

    The group of people from the Twelve Palaces who had been arguing till their faces turned red and had veins almost bursting on their necks immediately turned their gazes onto the figure of Jun Wu Xie. Having two palaces setting their sights on the same candidate during the Battle of Deities Grand Meet was not uncommon at all and most of the time, the choice was handed over to the candidate being chosen. Although that was not what the Twelve Palaces would have liked, but that was the rules set for the Battle of Deities Grand Meet.

    Now that all the Twelve Palaces had expressed their interest towards Jun Wu Xie, the number of palaces that Jun Wu Xie could choose from was not a small number at all. Such a situation where all the Twelve Palaces seeked to recruit the same person, was truly rare.

    "I'm sorry, but I've already chosen the palace I want to be admitted into." Jun Wu Xie said slowly as she looked at the men from the Twelve Palaces.


    Hearing Jun Wu Xie saying that, everyone suddenly became excited.

    The other youths who had been completely ignored secretly clenched up their jaws, wishing that Jun Wu Xie would just hurry up and finish her selection so she could get out from there as quickly as possible. With her around, these proud sons of the Heavens on any other day were being treated like dirt and completely disregarded.

    It was said that comparing goods, one just had to discard, comparing people, one would only kill himself with anger. They really did not want to stand there together with Jun Wu Xie!

    Jun Wu Xie slowly pulled a jade pendant out from her sleeve and she then lifted her eyes to look into the anticipating eyes of the group of men to say: "When the competition ended, someone handed this to me, and my choice is the palace that the owner of this item is in."

    Jun Wu Xie's words caused the people from the Twelve Palaces to be stunned for a moment as they subconsciously stared at the jade pendant.

    However, at the moment that they saw the jade pendant clearly, the faces of the Elders from the Twelve Palaces instantly turned pale.

    "Kid, do you know who is the owner of that jade piece you are now holding in your hand?" The face of the initially excited Elder from the Purple Thunder Palace had turned rather dark.

    Jun Wu Xie slipped the jade piece back into her sleeve and raised her head to look at the displeased group of Elders and said: "The Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace."

    "Kid, you're still young and ignorant, so we'll not hold it against you. You hold highly extraordinary abilities, how could you not know what kind of a place the Spirit Jade Palace really is? A palace that does not even have a place to stand firmly upon and you choose them?" The Elder from the Flamboyant Palace said with his brows creased together, thinking the kid had either gone mad or was dumb.

    [All the Twelve Palaces had extended an invitation to the kid and he could very well choose whichever palace he wanted! But he just had to go make the worst choice possible!]

    Spirit Jade Palace, the palace that was kicked out by the Twelve Palaces from more than a thousand years ago. The palace they had persecuted and oppressed for a thousand years and they could only hide and not dare reveal themselves while they seeked to survive, the Spirit Jade Palace..... Even an idiot would know that the Spirit Jade Palace would be a wrong choice to make.

    Jun Wu Xie ignored the question from the Elder of the Flamboyant Palace. She merely turned her head to look at Su Jing Yan who had been watching the show unfold from the side.

    "Does the Spirit Jade Palace possess the right to choose?"

    Su Jing Yan who had been at the sidelines and just observing did not think that Jun Wu Xie would suddenly throw such a question at him and his face froze up for a brief moment. His long and slanted eyes narrowed up as he looked at Jun Wu Xie's clear and cold little face, unable to fathom what the little kid really meant by those words.


    "The Spirit Jade Palace would naturally have that right." Su Jing Yan said with smile on his face. Although the Nine Temples had chosen not to interfere with the Twelve Palaces' recruitment, but that did not mean that they were above muddying up the waters by stirring things up.

    Su Jing Yan's reply caused the faces of the Elders to turn a highly ugly shade. Although the looks they gave Su Jing Yan was filled with displeasure, they did not dare to say anything.

    Afterall, Su Jing Yan was a member of one of the Nine Temples, the Heavenly Wolf Temple!
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