Chapter 1523: “Jostling for a Candidate (5)”

    Chapter 1523: "Jostling for a Candidate (5)"

    Even the Elders of the Twelve Palaces would not dare to directly go against the Nine Temples at that moment.

    Moreover, though the Spirit Jade Palace was being oppressed by the Twelve Palaces, their rights in the Battle of Deities Grand Meet had never been wiped away from the start. Hence, even if their hearts had already felt that the Spirit Jade Palace was an entity that had become a thing of the past, but if the Nine Temples threw the book at them based on the rules, the Twelve Palaces would be powerless to deny it.

    "Am I then able to choose the Spirit Jade Palace?" Jun Wu Xie's gaze swept over the Elders of the Twelve Palaces, seeing the faces of those people who had initially been bright with glee to now turn dark with gloom and a cold chill rose within Jun Wu Xie's eyes.

    [Do all of you really think that everyone must capitulate under the hands of the Twelve Palaces?]

    Apologies, she had come here today to deliver a slap across their faces.

    Refusing to choose from the Twelve Palaces that was rising like the sun but to instead pick the Spirit Jade Palace that had gone into decline. If it had been someone else who was choosing to do this, the people from the Twelve Palaces would have laughed at the person for not knowing what's good for him and was just being unbelievably dumb. Having been snubbed so completely before everyone, the faces of the Elders were not looking too pretty and they would naturally not spare the person who had spurned them.

    But when the person doing that was substituted with Jun Wu Xie.

    The entire matter suddenly turned into something rather intriguing.

    The allure of Spirit Reinforcement was just too strong to the Twelve Palaces and although the Elders of the Twelve Palaces wished for nothing more than to teach that little brat who did not know what's good for him, they could not do anything else but to hold themselves back in the face of Spirit Reinforcement.

    The Elder from the Palace of Flame Demons saw that the situation was becoming out of control from Su Jing Yan's interference and he suddenly laughed out aloud, and looked at Jun Wu Xie with a amiable smile.

    "There isn't anything wrong with the little Young Master's choice. But as the current circumstance of the Spirit Jade Palace is not too great, we are afraid that it will impede the little Young Master's bright prospects. But since the little Young Master's intentions are such, we will not continue to force the issue. But if the little Young Master finds anything that is not right or feel that the Spirit Jade Palace isn't up to your expectations, then please remember that the door of the Palace of Flame Demons will always remain open to you. Anytime that you deem to come to us in the future, the Palace of Flame Demons will always welcome you warmly." Compared to the stiff minded Elder of the Flamboyant Palace, the Elder from the Palace of Flame Demons was a lot more slick in handling the situation, knowing that it was impossible for them to force Jun Wu Xie to change her mind with Su Jing Yan being present. Hence, he had gone with the flow of things and gave in to Jun Wu Xie to win her favour, and gave her a high amount of leeway in case that Jun Wu Xie would change her mind in the future.

    From the perspective of the Elder of the Flame Demons, the Spirit Jade Palace was already a highly spent force at the end of their tethers who had no chance of rising up again. Although he was curious how the people from the Spirit Jade Palace had come into contact with Jun Wu Xie, and how they had convinced Jun Wu Xie to join them, he concluded that the completely worthless Spirit Jade Palace would still not be able to achieve anything in the end.

    Once a period of time passed, Jun Wu Xie would quickly realize that her choice had been wrong and from the moment she was to leave the Spirit Jade Palace, the time for the Palace of Flame Demons would then come.

    Spirit Reinforcement, would be the Palace of Flame Demons'!

    With the Palace of Flame Demons having taken the lead, the Elders from the other Palaces were no fools and they immediately understood what the Elder from the Palace of Flame Demons was doing. All of them immediately wiped away the expressions of displeasure from their faces and spoke a few more gentle lines to Jun Wu Xie, indicating that the palaces they belonged to was the same, who would warmly welcome Jun Wu Xie to join them.

    Seeing that the recruitment was reaching its conclusion, the nine other candidates who had been coldly neglected were then invited by the Twelve Palaces. But these youths were different from Jun Wu Xie as they just absolutely could not wait to accept, wishing that they could immediately swear their loyalty to the group of Elders.

    The youths in the Innate Gift competition quickly ascertained the final places they were to go to and the people from the Twelve Palaces left after that, with the nine other youths who had been picked tottering to follow behind their respective Elders.
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