Chapter 1524: “Cloudy Brook Academy (1)”

    Chapter 1524: "Cloudy Brook Academy (1)"

    "Spirit Jade Palace? You're sure you have not heard wrongly? That kid went to the Spirit Jade Palace?" Inside the Cloudy Brook Academy, the little old man was seated within his courtyard to sip at tea when in the end, he heard such an unbelievable piece of news.

    The man who brought the news to him then said: "It's true as can be. Your subordinate definitely heard Spirit Jade Palace."

    The little old man's face was filled with bewilderment and he then lowered his head to look into the cup of tea he held in his hand before suddenly laughing out loud.

    "The Spirit Jade Palace indeed! The Twelve Palaces had really lost a big one this time, ha ha ha..... That kid, I do not know whether it was intentional or not for him to have actually found the Spirit Jade Palace. I can just imagine it now, how ugly the faces of those little scoundrels from the Twelve Palaces must be looking right at that moment." The little old man grew more bemused the more he thought about it.

    Ever since he knew that Jun Wu Xie possessed such a thing called Spirit Reinforcement, he had immediately known that the Twelve Palaces would surely do everything in their power to fight for ownership of Jun Wu Xie's ability. But no one could have expected that every one of the existing Twelve Palaces would come out empty handed when Jun Wu Xie did not choose a single one of them, instead have chosen one that had almost ceased to exist but in name, the almost non existent Spirit Jade Palace in the eyes of people in the Middle Realm.

    That must have really swept the legs out from under the Twelve Palaces.

    "Looks like this little kid is rather intelligent." The little old man said with a chortling laugh, as he poured out a cup of water for himself in a rather good mood, to finally sip at it leisurely.

    "My Lord..... What do you mean by that?" The man did not really understand. Though it might stir up a little trouble if Jun Wu Xie had chosen one of the Twelve Palaces, but compared to the might of any of the current Twelve Palaces, the Spirit Jade Palace was really nothing much to speak about at all. Without talking about anything else, the Spirit Jade Palace had gone into seclusion for so many years that it would be highly difficult for them to protect Jun Wu Xie in any way out here. Any normal person thinking with their right toe would know that choosing the Spirit Jade Palace was one of the worst choices.

    The little old man leaned back in his chair and leisurely watched the koi fish swimming in the pond.

    "What would a dimbulb like you know? The Spirit Jade Palace might be weak, but being weak has its own advantages. If that kid had chosen any one of the palaces among the twelve, the other eleven palaces would definitely harbour hatred and would seek to get rid of the kid before he even leaves the Cloudy Brook Academy. Afterall, the Twelve Palaces have been secretly locked in endless tussles among themselves for so many years and none of them would be glad to see any other palace rise up to surpass them. Even if the little kid was to have chosen the strongest Palace of Flame Demons, in the Cloudy Brook Academy, the powers of the Palace of Flame Demons would not be able to reach inside. All that she would have been able to depend on would only be the other youths that the Palace of Flame Demons had selected . But do not forget, besides people from the Palace of Flame Demons, the Cloudy Brook Academy has people from all the other eleven palaces as well. When it's one against eleven, which palace do you think would be able to hold out against such odds?"

    The little old man was smiling at the corners of his eyes, thinking that Jun Wu Xie whom he had the fortitude to have met once before had a really rather astute mind.

    "But it will be different for the Spirit Jade Palace. Who doesn't know that the Spirit Jade Palace is already a thoroughly spent force and that the kid will be the only one from the Spirit Jade Palace in the entire Cloudy Brook Academy. Even with this kid joining them, the Spirit Jade Palace still has absolutely no chance of surpassing any of the other palaces. Moreover, with the weak state the Spirit Jade Palace is in, the other palaces will still stand a chance to snatch up a win midway by winning the kid over to their side. Hence..... with the kid having chosen Spirit Jade Palace, not only would he avoid being oppressed by the other palaces in the Cloudy Brook Palace, he will also be keeping the Twelve Palaces on tenterhooks, making the people from the Twelve Palaces to keep trying to win her over. Don't you think that the kid is really very smart?"
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