Chapter 1525: “Cloudy Brook Academy (2)”

    Chapter 1525: "Cloudy Brook Academy (2)"

    Enlightened by the little old man, it immediately dawned upon the man the subtlety involved. "But based on what you have said..... The kid had chosen the Spirit Jade Palace because he wanted to avoid the Twelve Palaces? But if that's the case, why had he even come to take part in the Battle of Deities Grand Meet?"

    The man understood some of it, but he was still feeling rather confused in some parts of it.

    Jun Wu Xie's choice, based on the little old man's analysis, showed that Jun Wu Xie did not want to have anything to do with the Twelve Palaces at all. But she had still gone ahead to the part in the Battle of Deities Grand Meet organized by the Twelve Palaces, wasn't that a contradiction in itself?

    The little old man then harrumphed indignantly. "How am I supposed to know that? Who knows what is really going through that little brat's mind? He might very well be eyeing the tranquil mountain air and calm water we have here at the Cloudy Brook Academy and just wants to enjoy some days of peace here. You'll never know."

    The little old man's voice suddenly filled up with strong pride.

    The man stared at the little old man who was shamelessly heaping self praise upon himself and he froze in his spot with his mouth open, unable to say a word.

    "That's right. After so long, I still don't know that kid's name. What's he called?" The little old man asked.

    "Jun Wu."

    "Jun Wu?" The little old man repeated as his eyebrow arched and he stroked at his white streaked beard.

    "Anyway, when Jun Wu is admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy, he would be a member of our Cloudy Brook Academy. Have someone look out for him a little in the future."

    The man nodded without a word, but he could not help grumbling in his heart.

    [The Lord has always said he didn't want to interfere with the affairs of the Twelve Palaces and could not be bothered about the running of the academy. But this person had not even been admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy and you're already making arrangements to start building a little stove. Is this still being impartial?]

    However, those words in the man's heart would never be brought out into the light.

    Not long after the curtains came down for the Battle of Deities Grand Meet, the Cloudy Brook Academy then opened their doors to receive the lucky candidates the Twelve Palaces had selected.

    In this Battle of Deities Grand Meet, the people from the Twelve Palaces had picked up candidates from the beginning till the end, with the number of disciples coming to almost a thousand. Among them, the Palace of Flame Demons had the most number of people and the Graceful Swan Palace had the least. At the end of the Battle of Deities Grand Meet, quite a number of the palaces were met with situations where they had set their sights on the same candidates and these candidates had chosen based on the might of the palaces.

    The Middle Realm where the most powerful reigned had made the youths taking part in the Battle of Deities Grand Meet develop a tenancy to lean towards the mighty. The more powerful the palace was, the more talents they were able to attract. Hence, based on the length of the lists of candidates received from the palaces for admission into the academy, one would be able to see the disparity between the palaces.

    And among all the youths sent by all the different palaces, the one that attracted the most attention was a young thin looking youth.

    When the Cloudy Brook Academy opened the academy's doors, the various palaces had sent out several of their men to accompany these reserve strength of their into the Cloudy Brook Academy, and to brief and remind them of a few matters just before they were admitted into the academy.

    Just one person stood alone on his own outside the Cloudy Brook Academy's main doors, looking highly conspicuous.

    "That's the guy from the Spirit Jade Palace?" Several youths could not help themselves but whispered when they spotted the tiny figure standing there all by himself.

    "Besides him, who else could it be?"

    "So it's true? Someone actually chose the Spirit Jade Palace? I had almost completely forgotten that there was such a place called the Spirit Jade Palace. What is that kid thinking? Did he choose the Spirit Jade Palace as a joke?"

    "You know nuts! Let me tell you. I heard from some guys who went to the Innate Gift competition venue that the kid had received invitations from all Twelve Palaces but in the end, he did not pick any of them but just pulled out a token of authentication he received from the Palace Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace. It's really strange I tell you." A group of youths gathered together to talk in hushed whispers, their gazes locked upon that solitary figure of Jun Wu Xie.
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