Chapter 1526: “Cloudy Brook Academy (3)”

    Chapter 1526: "Cloudy Brook Academy (3)"

    After every Battle of Deities Grand Meet ended in the past, there would always be some highly outstanding youths who would end up being the focus of heated debates. But this time, things were instead slightly different.

    Most of the fiercest debates this time was not about which youth's skills had completely overpowered everyone, or, was it about someone or another's Ring Spirit had dominated in some outstanding fashion, but had been focused on that one youth who since time immemorial, was the first person to have received invitations from all Twelve Palaces, but had also given them all up to choose the spent force that was the Spirit Jade Palace.

    Jun Wu Xie's actions, in the eyes of these youths, were just too foolish in the extreme!

    Man climbed to higher heights while water flowed to lower depths. This was a rule all the youths knew well but someone just had to take the unorthodox route, choosing to ruin his own bright future, and squeezing himself into such a unremarkable place.

    Not knowing how many of the youths had been overcome with envy who had not been able to serve the ideal palace of their choice, every single one of them wishing that they could take his place.

    The surrounding voices were raised in debate around but Jun Wu Xie's gaze remained cold and clear. She stood at her spot alone, her face expressionless against the chilly wind, like the voices all around her had nothing to do with her at all.

    Her silence and chill indifference made all those busybodies to become more bold, the words they said becoming more and more intrusive.

    "What in the hell is Spirit Reinforcement? I think you guys should not believe everything that you hear. I, for one cannot make myself believe that there could possibly be a moron who would give up on an invitation from the Palace of Flame Demons and choose to join the Spirit Jade Palace. I think..... it's most probably due to the rumours being distorted. All this nonsense about not caring to join the Palace of Flame Demons, I think he doesn't even possess that kind of ability! So what if he possesses some strange and weird ability? Doesn't that mean he's just trash with his powers? I seriously think that that kid is far below our Qiao Chu in might!" One of the youths exclaimed as he stared at Jun Wu Xie in disdain, and then turning with his face beaming with a brilliant smile to look at the big and tall youth standing beside him.

    Qiao Chu's brows were slightly furrowed up as he looked at youth intentionally buttering up to him, almost wanting to smash the idiot so deep into the mud that he would have to be dug out.

    How dare you question their own Little Xie's ability? Where had this fool come from?

    Although his heart wanted to strangle this youth who was talking bad about Jun Wu Xie behind her back, but Qiao Chu remembered the reminders Jun Wu Xie had told them before and he pretended to maintain a show of calm upon his face.

    "Hah!" Qiao Chu laughed derisively.

    "Heh heh. Qiao Chu, your performance at the Spirit Power competition was just absolutely fantastic! And only people like you are qualified enough to become a member of the Palace of Flame Demons. I heard that six palaces had extended an invitation to you. Is that true?" The sycophantic youth went on to say hurriedly.

    Qiao Chu did not want to pay the youth any heed but as he could not put on a good act, he just mumbled dismissively: "Mm."

    "I have said it before....."

    Qiao Chu was getting rather bothered by this person and his gaze unconsciously seeked the crowd for familiar figures. Besides the "greatest attraction" that was Jun Wu Xie, he quickly spotted Hua Yao and the others, his eyes discreetly smiling when he caught sight of them.

    Just as the youths were whispering excitedly among themselves, the disciple from the Palace of Flame Demons who was in charge of escorting them to the Cloudy Brook Academy came walking over with a stern expression on his face.

    "Quiet." The man saw in a deep voice.

    The youths who were still making a whole lot of noise immediately clamped their mouths shut, turning their gazes onto the man with trepidation in their hearts.

    "The things that are supposed to be said, have been told to you clearly by the Elder yesterday and so I will not waste my breath on them. There is just one point that I have to remind all of you about. That person joining the Spirit Jade Palace, I do not want any of you provoking him carelessly, and you are not to go create trouble with him." The man said through narrowed eyes, his tone chill.

    The man's words, immediately cause the bunch of youths to become completely stunned upon hearing them.
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