Chapter 1527: “Cloudy Brook Academy (4)”

    Chapter 1527: "Cloudy Brook Academy (4)"

    The man's words, immediately cause the bunch of youths to become completely stunned upon hearing them.

    Not to provoke Jun Wu? Why? !

    The group of youths stared at the man, stunned and their faces filled with bewilderment.

    Jun Wu Xie had snubbed the Palace of Flame Demons' invitation before everyone and based on the Palace of Flames Demons' past way of doing things, shouldn't they be told to "take good care" of Jun Wu properly in the Cloudy Brook Academy? How did it..... suddenly turn out like this?

    The man from the Palace of Flame Demons did not go on to explain anything and just walked over to the side after saying what he wanted to say in a deep voice.

    The youths were all suddenly confused but they did not dare to ask any further. They just shut their mouths tight as their minds whirled with puzzlement.

    Except for Qiao Chu, who was silently laughing in his heart.

    [Little Xie plot was really just great!]

    All the youths had gathered outside the Cloudy Brook Academy's doors for a long time. Although the main doors into the Cloudy Brook Academy were wide open, not a single person dared to enter inside carelessly.

    In the Middle Realm, all kinds of academies had popped up everywhere. Regardless whether it was the Twelve Places or the Nine Temples, the various powers had academies that supported the respective powers and most of their disciples were promoted from those academies that the individual palaces supported.

    Academies that were supported by the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples held great advantages over the more common academies but one lone academy surpassed all others to become the most unique and most elite establishment for education!

    And that was the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    The Cloudy Brook Academy did not belong to any one power but was intricately linked to the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples.

    It was situated upon Mount Fu Yao which was the place that held the densest spirit power throughout the Middle Realm, controlling the entire Mount Fu Yao. From the summit to the foot of the mountain, it all fell under the control of the Cloudy Brook Academy. Besides the days that they opened the mountain to people and the times when the Battle of Spirits Grand Meet was to be held, the place was completely closed off to any outsiders from entering. Anyone who dared to trespass into Mount Fu Yao, usually did not return back out. Although the Cloudy Brook Academy was not considered as a force on its own, they held power fearsome enough to have a deterrent effect on people.

    And youths who come out from the Cloudy Brook Academy were always far more superior to any from other academies.

    Just because the Cloudy Brook Academy had an unwritten rule.

    Anyone who was admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy would never be allowed to end his cultivation before he satisfies the standards set by the academy. That also meant that from the first day that the youths are admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy, they would be tied to Cloud Brook Academy indefinitely. Unless their powers met the Cloudy Brook Academy's standards, they would then be released from the Cloudy Brook Academy to leave. Otherwise, even if they were to die within the academy, they would not be given a chance to leave at all!

    Everytime the Battle of Deities Grand Meet was held, the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples would send a large batch of youths into the Cloudy Brook Academy. But the number of those who were really able to walk out from the Cloudy Brook Academy were a minority. Some of them had even spent ten years and were still unable to meet with the Cloudy Brook Academy's standards and were still trapped within the academy.

    Even if the people from the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples came forth to ask for them, the Cloudy Brook Academy would not pay them any attention.

    People who were sent into the Cloudy Brook Academy would have to follow the academy's rules!

    It was an academy that was easy to be admitted into, but hard to come out from.

    But it was the route the Twelve Palaces and Nine Temples chose to hone and temper their elites.

    All those who were able to successfully graduate from the Cloudy Brook Academy enjoyed great prospects in the future within their respective palaces. With the badge of the Cloudy Brook Academy upon their bodies, they started off on a higher rung than others!

    Although the potential hardship in the Cloudy Brook Academy was well known, the youths who were eager to pursue better prospects for their future still rush and scramble over each to participate in the Battle of Deities Grand Meet, seeking to see the day when they graduated from the Cloudy Brook Academy and they would immediately be shot straight into glory!
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