Chapter 1528: “Not That Simple (1)”

    Chapter 1528: "Not That Simple (1)"

    The glorious sun hung high in the sky, and not a single person was within the Cloudy Brook Academy's premises behind its wide open doors. The youths waiting outside were antsy with anticipation but they did not dare say much, but only continued to wait there with the sun high above their heads.

    After a long while. A man came walking slowly out from the main doors of the Cloudy Brook Academy. His appearance immediately caused the youths to get excited once more after having become tired from waiting.

    The man swept his gaze one round over the huge group of youths and when his eyes passed over Jun Wu Xie, they hovered over her for a very brief moment before shifting his gaze away without being noticed. After having surveyed the whole group an entire round, he finally said: "All of you here are intending to be admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy today. I will not speak much about other things but just one point. All who come to the Cloudy Brook Academy are not allowed to leave unless they have fulfilled the standards set by the Cloudy Brook Academy. There will be one day of rest and relaxation every month but only those who pass the monthly assessment will be allowed to leave the academy to move about freely. I hope this point is clear to all of you. Starting from the moment you all step into the Cloudy Brook Academy, you will all have to adhere to the rules set by the Cloudy Brook Academy and if anyone of you are displeased or find this questionable, you can just leave here now."

    That man's voice was not loud, but his words were carried clearly into the ears of every single person there.

    The strange rules the Cloudy Brook Academy had were already well known to everyone there and since they have come all the way here, they would naturally not give up on such a chance of a lifetime.

    After waiting for a few moments, the youths gathered outside the main doors of the Cloudy Brook Academy did not see anyone stepping out to leave.

    Having waited for a while, the man then said slowly: "All of you can now follow me inside the academy."

    He turned around Immediately after saying that and the men from the various palaces then urged the youths to hurry up and go inside the academy. The youths then gathered together with others from the same palace they were in as they walked inside, with Jun Wu Xie walking by herself at the end of the group, looking completely at ease.

    Su Jing Yan stood under a tree just outside the Cloudy Brook Academy as he watched Jun Wu Xie gradually disappearing within the crowd from the back, his face split into the same fox like smile. He then rubbed at his chin and whispered something softly.

    "I am somehow feeling that a great show will be coming up soon."

    The group of youths were led into the Cloudy Brook Academy, their hearts boiling with excitement, unable to stop their eyes from peering at everything around them.

    The Cloudy Brook Academy sat upon a vast tract of land. Instead of saying that it was an academy, it might as well be called a small city. Within the academy, blocks upon blocks of loft units stood stylishly with its simple and minimalistic design. In front of the lofts, quite a number of youths wearing the uniform of the Cloudy Brook Academy came and went, their gazes cold and distant, like they could not be bothered with these youths who had just been admitted, treating the freshmen like they did not exist at all.

    It was quiet and silent within the vast academy and only the sound of shuffling steps reverberated within the ears of the youths. Although their hearts were filled with anxiety and nervousness, they did not dare to speak much in the place and could only suppress the blood boiling within them as they treaded tentatively step by step behind the man leading them.

    In the end, they were brought to come before a block of lofts, the pure white lofts standing neatly, shoulder to shoulder.

    The man who led the group here stopped before the block and then turned to look at the youths behind him.

    "Now, all of you are to split into smaller groups based on the competition venue you were in." The man said as he raised a hand and pointed, indicating four separate areas for spirit power, Ring Spirit, medical proficiency and innate gift, the four different categories.

    The youths who had bunched themselves together based on the palaces they belonged to were immediately split up be this classification. After they split up, they gathered themselves into group with their comrades once again, their intentions to form a clique highly obvious.

    At that moment, from inside the loft right in front of them, three men walked out. They then stood themselves before the spirit power, Ring Spirit, and medical proficiency groups.

    "Now that all of you are now in your respective groups, you will then follow the person standing right in front of your team." The man then said.
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