Chapter 1529: “Not That Simple (2)”

    Chapter 1529: "Not That Simple (2)"


    The man's words caused a wave of protest to erupt from the groups of youth who had thought that they had been led to come here before the lofts to allocate places for them to reside in. But..... the situation was not exactly what they had thought it to be.

    "Be snappy about it and stop the nonsense." The man said in a stern tone as his face darkened.

    The different teams were then quickly led away from the place by the people from the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    The Innate Gift group that Jun Wu Xie was in was led by the man who had been leading them right from the beginning, where they walked out from an exit on the other end, to go onto a wide broadwalk. Disciples of the Cloudy Brook Academy were coming and going quietly, completely treating these brand new freshmen as if they were invisible.

    After walking for almost half an hour, Jun Wu Xie and her group came to a mountain cave. When several disciples who happened to be passing by saw them, their steps paused slightly, finally showing some reaction.

    Without knowing why, Jun Wu Xie seemed to have detected that the gazes of those disciples had showed traces of pity.

    "Those of the Bone Shifters Tribe go inside here." The man said to the youths behind him as he pointed at the pitch dark cave before him.

    Over twenty youths who were from the Bone Shifters Tribe stared at the pitch black cave and secretly gulped. A slightly more courageous one among them could not help but ask: "Teacher, may I ask what..... we are supposed to do?"

    The man's brows suddenly creased up and said in a cold voice: "You'll find out when you go in there."

    The youth from the Bone Shifters Tribe turned pale as he walked hesitantly inside with his other companions. As he walked, he continued to look back many times at the rest of the group of youths till all their figures were swallowed up by the darkness and disappeared from sight before everyone there.

    "The rest of you continue walking." The man turned to tell the other youths.

    The group that had just stopped moved forward once again. They had just taken barely more than ten steps when they suddenly heard a ear piercing scream of terror come out from the cave behind them!

    That scream sounded mournfully terrifying which shattered the peaceful tranquility of the Cloudy Brook Academy as they reached their ears, causing the faces of the youths to all turn deathly pale and goosebumps raised up on the bodies of their bodies. The youths wanted to ask what had happened inside there but the man leading them away did not even slow in his steps and just continued his way forward without a care.

    After that they came before another cave and this time, it was the youths from the Witch Doctor race who were ushered inside. The number of people from the Witch Doctor race were much lesser in number and there were only slightly more than ten of them. They looked like they had been frightened by the screams from before as they stood shivering before the cave's mouth, not daring to take a step inside.

    "If you do not want to go in, all of you can just stay put at this cave's mouth then." The man said in a cold voice, his tone stern.

    Without even waiting for those youths to open their mouths, the man immediately raised his foot and led the others to continue on their way.

    Next was the Wind Riders race, then the Great Ape race.....

    The youths who were picked out from the Innate Gift competition were further split up into smaller groups to be dumped inside pitch dark caves one after another. They did not know what would welcome them in there and no one explained anything to them, with just one fact placed before them. Either they went in, or remained standing at the cave's mouth for good.

    Walking the entire way, the team was finally left with the man who led them and Jun Wu Xie alone. After the man sent the last batch of youths out, he stopped walking and turned to look at Jun Wu Xie who had been following behind him.

    "Jun Wu?" The man looked at the youth with clean and attractive features before his eyes. If truth was to be told, this little youth's presence was extremely low. With his short and petite size and his penchant to remain quiet, his expression cold and distant all the way from the beginning, it was highly easy to forget this kid even existed if one did not pay more attention.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly.

    "Spirit Mastery Race?" The man continued to ask.
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