Chapter 1530: “Not That Simple (3)”

    Chapter 1530: "Not That Simple (3)"

    "Spirit Mastery Race?" The man went on to ask.

    Jun Wu Xie then nodded at him.

    The man's stern face came to show a rare moment of perplexity.

    "You are the first person from the Spirit Mastery race that the Cloudy Brook Academy had admitted and we do not have a kind of assessment that is suited for you." The man said as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.


    Jun Wu Xie thought back about those youths who had been split up into the different tribes and races they were from and those pitch dark caves they had been made to go into. Could all those places be the tests that were used to assess them?

    What went on inside the Cloudy Brook Academy was very much a secret to many people outside and even for those people who came out from the Cloudy Brook Academy, they never spoke a word about what went on within the walls of the Cloudy Brook Academy. Jun Wu Xie had stayed at the Phoenix Academy and Zephyr Academy before but it was clear that the Cloudy Brook Academy was nothing like those two academies.

    At least, in those two academies, Jun Wu Xie had never heard that anyone who were just barely admitted into them would be shoved straight into a test that assessed them at the moment when everyone was still befuddled about what's even going on.

    "But, I heard that your Spirit Reinforcement needs you to expend powers from your soul?" The man then asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie to say.

    "Yes." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    "Then, we have a place that just might be suitable for you." The man said and suddenly turned to walk in a different direction, while Jun Wu Xie just followed behind him.

    The man did not just shove Jun Wu Xie into any old cave but had instead brought her to come before a huge door. That large door look rather old and worn, like it had not been opened for a long time. On both sides of that door, stood two men from the Cloudy Brook Academy. When they saw the man walking over to them, they nodded their heads at each other and the men turned to open up the worn and tattered looking door.

    Behind the door was pitch black darkness and nothing could be seen as a musty scent that had been sealed up too long wafted out through the opening from inside.

    "This place was actually prepared for spirit bodies. You will only need to complete one task after going in and you will be considered to have passed." The man said seriously as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. "There are many items scattered upon the floor inside. All you need to do is to put them back onto the shelves and that would do. Knock on the door once you have finished and these two men will check if you have completed the task. If you're unable to finish the task, you will have to remain inside. Only after completing that will you then be given a dormitory room that belongs to you."

    Pick things up? This mission sounds highly simple but Jun Wu did not fail to notice the tinge of subtlety in the man's words.

    Prepared for spirit bodies, what kind of place would it be?

    Things would surely not be as simple as he said.

    Jun Wu Xie did not say anything but just glanced at that man before she went on towards the large door and walked inside. The two men immediately closed the door behind her.

    "Teacher Tian Ze, could this kid be that..... Jun Wu?" After the door closed, the two men standing guard outside the door could not help but look at the man who brought Jun Wu Xie here, Tian Ze.

    Tian Ze nodded slightly.

    One of the men then said looking rather perplexed: "Isn't it said that she is from the Spirit Mastery race? Is it really alright to put her in there? This place is....."

    Tian Ze shook his head and said: "It's the Lord's idea."

    Upon hearing the word "Lord", the expressions of the two men showed traces of bewilderment but they did not dare question any further but just threw each other a glance.

    "The two of you stand watch here and if any problem crops up, just come look for me. If nothing happens, just leave him be." Tian Ze told the two guards.


    Tian Ze then nodded in satisfaction and his face was stern as he left. However.....

    After turning his back, Tian Ze's face was looking rather unsure.

    [Will it really be fine?]
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