Chapter 1531: “Strange Room (1)”

    Chapter 1531: "Strange Room (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie went into the room and at the moment the room's door was shut, the initially pitch dark room was suddenly lit up by several balls of flames.

    At the four corners of the room, the was an oil lamp hanging down. The firelight flickered, and it was not known how it was lit as the firelight gradually illuminated everything within the room.

    The room in its entirety was not that large and upon three faces of the walls, rows of wooden shelves were erected. The top of every single shelf was filled with a thick layer of dust, and sat there empty and void.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze then fell to the floor. Upon the wooden floor, was a messy scatter of crystal balls that were about the size of a palm. It could be due to the fact that nobody had come here before but it could be seen that the crystal balls were shrouded with dust as well.

    From what the eye could see, the crystal balls lying in a careless scatter on the floor looked to number several tens, in no decipherable pattern, and lay all over the place.

    "Meow." The little black cat manifested upon Jun Wu Xie's shoulder. It swished its furry tail and looked at the crystal balls upon the floor. It blinked its eyes and then leapt off from Jun Wu Xie's shoulder to come beside a crystal ball to sniff at it cautiously.

    "I am not able to tell what kind of things these are." The little black cat said as it turned to look at Jun Wu Xie.

    "I'll just do as I'm told." Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly, accepting that the Cloudy Brook Academy had its own way of doing things. Jun Wu Xie had stayed in two academies before and she had acknowledged Yan Bu Gui as her Master in the Phoenix Academy. Though Yan Bu Gui did not teach her much, he gave her the Water from Heaven's Spring to cultivate the Imperial Snow Lotus. When she had been in the Dark Emperor's tomb, she had managed to gather all the herbs and she concocted the elixir for Yan Bu Gui that would remedy the aches and pain afflicting his body.

    And in the Zephyr Academy, besides having learnt the Spirit Healing Technique from Gu Li Sheng, she did not have anything else she could pick up.

    And without knowing the reason why, she somehow felt that her trip here to the Cloudy Brook Academy this time might just let her gain quite a lot from it.

    Immediately upon saying that, Jun Wu Xie bent her back to go pick up the crystal ball just beside her foot, but then a rather queer scene suddenly unfolded before her eyes!

    Her long slim fingers passed right through the dust covered crystal ball, her fingers not feeling the slightest sensation of having touched anything!

    What was happening here?

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes flashed with surprise. She attempted to touch the crystal ball another time, but the result was still the same.

    Her hand once again passed through it like it was just an illusion, going right through the middle of the crystal ball.

    The crystal ball lay there so obviously before her eyes! Why was she not able to touch it? Puzzlement rose within Jun Wu Xie's mind.

    Could it be, an illusion?

    The little black cat looked at strange phenomenon Jun Wu Xie had encountered and it could not help itself but to reach its paw out to touch the crystal ball before it.

    The paw of the little black cat pushed it slightly and the crystal ball immediately rolled forward continuously from the force.

    The little black cat's eyes then stared in surprise.

    "Eh? ? ?"

    It had actually touched it!

    The little black cat raised its own paw and stared at it in disbelief. Traces of dust had even stuck themselves upon the fur of its paw, obvious that it had rubbed onto its paw when it had touched the crystal ball earlier!

    "I..... I touched it? ?" The little black cat found it incredulous to believe itself as it stared at the dust stuck upon its paw before turning to look at Jun Wu Xie.

    What was happening? Jun Wu Xie was not able to touch the crystal ball but the little black cat had been able to touch it so easily?

    "Shall I..... try it on this one?" The little black cat asked as it looked at Jun Wu Xie with a rather bewildered expression. It swung its tail around and went over to the crystal ball by Jun Wu Xie's feet to move its paw forward a little.


    The crystal ball rolled over the wooden floor, a deep sound that rang out clearly.

    "....." The little black cat was rather stunned.

    The problem lay not in the ball!
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