Chapter 1533: “Strange Room (3)”

    Chapter 1533: "Strange Room (3)"

    Just how much spirit power would she need to expend before she would be able to put them all up upon the shelves one by one?

    The little black cat thought of transforming into the black beast to help Jun Wu Xie put all the crystal balls back but it was stopped by Jun Wu Xie.

    "I'll do it myself." Jun Wu Xie said as she went to pick up another crystal ball.

    After coming to Mount Fu Yao, she had not had much opportunities to use her spirit powers and she understood that in order for her to speed up the growth of her spirit powers, she would need to drain out her spirit powers completely in order to push herself to even further limits.

    And this place, gave her just such an opportunity.

    When the little black cat saw that Jun Wu Xie was being so stubborn, it could do nothing but just retreat away to the side and watch silently as Jun Wu Xie went on to put the crystal balls upon the shelves.

    With her spirit powers being drained constantly, after Jun Wu Xie placed ten crystal balls back, she felt that all her spirit powers had been completely depleted.

    The increased drain on spirit powers after it had been transformed into power of the soul was in folds and just merely touching those crystal balls would have those crystal balls absorbing her power of the soul maniacally!

    After Jun Wu Xie's spirit powers had been completely depleted, she then sat down to meditate while she rested.

    Fortunately there wasn't anyone else in the room besides her and the little black cat. She could then take out the basin with the Snow Lotus and use the Imperial Snow Lotus to quickly recover her spirit powers.

    Up on Mount Fu Yao, the air was filled with spirit energy. Although Jun Wu Xie was not able to absorb them directly, she was able to use the Imperial Snow Lotus to transfer the spirit energies for her use.

    If not for the fact that Mount Fu Yao had no lack of spirit energy, even with the Imperial Snow Lotus, it would not be possible for Jun Wu Xie to recover her spirit powers within a short period of time.

    Afterall, her spirit powers had already reached the fourth stage of the Purple Spirit and the vast amount of spirit powers the recovery entailed was not something the average person would be able to imagine!

    After her spirit powers were restored, Jun Wu Xie began to continue on her mission.

    Time after time, her spirit powers were drained dry, and one time after another, she sat down to meditate while she cultivated.

    The spirit powers in Jun Wu Xie's body was consumed and restored in cycles, repeatedly pushing at her limits.

    By the time Jun Wu Xie put the last crystal ball upon the shelf, Jun Wu Xie's face was already rather pale. Crystalline beads of perspiration flowed down from her forehead, to drip onto the wooden floor, wetting a good part of it.

    Having her spirit powers repeatedly drained and restored, besides making her feel utterly exhausted, gave her a subtle and strange feeling.

    The spirit powers within her body seem to feel different from before, but as for what it actually was, she was not able to put into words.

    She just felt that the spirit power felt somewhat denser.

    But that was not an effect that could be brought on by an increase in spirit powers.

    Jun Wu Xie did not know how long had passed as time continued to flow by. After ascertaining that she had not missed out any of the crystal balls in the room, she sent the little black cat into her and turned to walk towards the tightly shut door.


    The large and heavy door was slowly pushed open. With her face pale, Jun Wu Xie walked out from the room.

    The two men who stood guard outside the door were taken aback with shock a moment when they saw Jun Wu Xie, staring at her pale countenance with eyes that were looking slightly nervous.

    "I've finished it." Jun Wu Xie said slowly. Although her body was thoroughly exhausted, she still kept her back ramrod straight.

    The two men looked at Jun Wu Xie and did not say anything but just had one of them going in to check the room one round. After making sure that all the crystal balls in the room had been placed up upon the shelves, they acknowledged that Jun Wu Xie had completed her task.

    "This is the key to your room." One of the men said as he placed the key they had prepared before into Jun Wu Xie's hand, and told her the location of her dormitory room.
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