Chapter 1534: “An Eccentric Academy (1)”

    Chapter 1534: "An Eccentric Academy (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie's dormitory room was among the rows of lofts that Tian Ze had brought them to before in the beginning and was on the third level.

    When Jun Wu Xie came to the front of the loft building, she coincidentally encountered a familiar figure walking over from the other side.

    "Ha..... Little Xie....." Qiao Chu began to say, looking a complete wreck as he gazed at Jun Wu Xie. His always straight and tall body at that moment looking a little bent over. He raised up a hand to wave at Jun Wu Xie, the expression on his face one of unspeakable bitterness.

    "I had thought that I was going to die....." Qiao Chu said with a mournful face, almost about to burst into tears.

    Tian Ze had temporarily split them all up to make them all suffer the trials of the entry assessments of the Cloudy Brook Academy. Only those who passed the tests would be officially considered as a disciple of the Cloudy Brook Academy, and would be assigned a dormitory room.

    Based on their different abilities and their areas of expertise, the tests they were made to undergo were completely different.

    Jun Wu Xie had experienced it and she knew the entry assessment of the Cloudy Brook Academy was not as simple as was thought. Now that she saw the highly haggard state that Qiao Chu was in, she knew that he must have suffered quite a bit as well.

    The test given to the Spirit Mastery race was targeted at the drain upon the power of the soul and targeted against these youths who had come from the spirit power competition with strong powerful spirit powers, what welcomed them would surely be a test that drained their spirit powers.

    "Ow ow! I can't! Little Xie, can you prop me up a little here?" Qiao Chu wanted to straighten his back but the his sore and aching back did not allow him to and he could only lift his eyes up to look pitifully at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at Qiao Chu silently, and slowly stretched a hand out.

    As if he was grasping at a life saving blade of grass, Qiao Chu held onto Jun Wu Xie's arm.

    "This academy is completely just like Hell itself! Damn it! Everyone of those teachers are just like demons and monsters from there, tormenting all of us mercilessly." Qiao Chu continued to grumble painfully. He was already at the Purple Spirit's third stage and was far beyond the other youths who were admitted into the academy with him. But even so, the academy's orientation assessment had already torn off a layer of his skin.

    It could well be imagined just how much more torturous it must have been for those youths.

    Qiao Chu told Jun Wu Xie where his own room was and coincidentally, he was on the same level as Jun Wu Xie, just a few doors away.

    Jun Wu Xie then helped Qiao Chu up the stairs.

    According to what Qiao Chu said, the test they were assigned to was based on the strength of their spirit powers. Rong Ruo and Hua Yao were with him and they came here slightly earlier than him but their rooms were not together with Jun Wu Xie and him.

    After sending Qiao Chu back to his room, Jun Wu Xie went to her own room.

    Qiao Chu had initially wanted to grumble a bit more about his test. However, the moment he fell on his bed, sleepiness fell over him like the sky had fallen, crushing even the strength in his mouth which gave him no choice but to give up on that idea.

    Although the entry assessment test into the Cloudy Brook Academy was disgustingly torturous, the conditions of the accomodations weren't too shabby.

    All necessities were fitted up inside and the rooms were rather spacious. From the windows of the rooms, one could see the view outside.

    Jun Wu Xie sat inside the room for a while and sleep began to rise within her. She lay back on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

    What Jun Wu Xie did not realize was that in this test that she took, she had taken three whole days.

    But compared to the other people, the time Jun Wu Xie took was already considered to be rather short.

    By the time Jun Wu Xie woke up from her sleep, there wasn't even ten people who had returned to the lofts. In fact Fan Zhuo and the others had reached this place earlier but after they came here, they barely said a few words before they scrambled back to their rooms to snore loudly in sleep and from the way that they looked, they had been tormented quite a bit as well.
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