Chapter 1535: “An Eccentric Academy (2)”

    Chapter 1535: "An Eccentric Academy (2)"

    And in the week after that, the youths who managed to pass the test numbered only ten or twenty of them daily. The huge loft buildings stood more than half empty and a large part of the youths were still struggling with the assessment.

    And for those youths who had passed the trial, they were left to rot within the dormitory, with no one even bothering whether they lived or died.

    Not even a single person came to ask about them at all.

    Qiao Chu and the others had wanted to use this period of time for the companions to gather together for a discussion but in the end, the Heavens did not grant them that wish.

    All those youths who had passed the assessment trial had then begun seeking to form their cliques!

    Qiao Chu and the other companions had not held themselves back at the competition and they had all won glorious and dazzling victories, to the extent that the five of them had become highly influential people in the individual palaces they were in. The other youths had just rested themselves when they immediately went running to the companions to try to win their favour.

    The fact that the companions knew each other was to be kept secret from other people. In order to not expose their identities, they could only pretend to not know each other.

    Even if they met each other outside, they had to pretend to put on a look of mutual disgust.

    In stark contrast to Qiao Chu and the other companions where they were crowded around with people, Jun Wu Xie was always alone by herself from the start to the end.

    Although all the youths had already received instructions from the various palaces before they came into the Cloudy Brook Academy that told them that they were not to provoke Jun Wu Xie, many of the youths still held a grudge in their hearts against her for what happened before.

    But among all of them, there were still quite a number of "smart people".

    Jun Wu Xie did not go out much but usually remained inside her room to observe the changes that had come over her spirit power.

    After that day she had undergone the trial that the Cloudy Brook Academy had set for her, she detected that the changes to her spirit power had become more and more obvious. Her originally pure purple coloured spirit powers had for some unknown reason become mixed with some glittery specks, like stars had been infused into her spirit powers. When her spirit powers was showing, the purple coloured spirit glow would also be filled with glittery light specks.

    Jun Wu Xie had never seen such a phenomenon. She had also asked Ye Sha and Ye Gu about it but the two of them had also been bewildered, not knowing in the slightest what could be happening.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the light specks infused within her spirit power and an image of Jun Wu Yao suddenly rose within her heart.

    Ever since she had come to the Middle Realm, she had broken off contact with Jun Wu Yao, and this parting was not the same as those in the past.

    Before this, no matter where Jun Wu Yao went, Jun Wu Xie knew that they were both still treading upon the same lands. But this time, Jun Wu Yao was in the Lower Realm while she, was in the Middle Realm.

    "If he was here, he might just know what is happening here." Jun Wu Xie whispered softly to herself, not knowing whether the mysterious unknown that she was faced with that made her remember the omniscient Jun Wu Yao, or that she had really missed him.

    Ye Sha stayed within the shadows as he looked at Jun Wu Xie looking like that, and he could not help but sigh. Ye Gu on the other hand could not really understand the situation and he was rather taken aback.

    Just as Jun Wu Xie was deep in thought, someone suddenly knocked upon her door.

    Jun Wu Xie immediately dispersed the spirit power upon her and pulled out an elixir from within her Cosmos Sack to swallow it down her throat.

    She had cultivated that elixir back in the Lower Realm which enabled her to hide the level of her spirit powers for a period of time, giving others the illusion that she was a person with weak spirit powers.

    Jun Wu Xie did not intend to reveal her spirit powers before others and hence, when the Battle of Deities Grand Meet had started, she had been taking the elixir regularly.

    Jun Wu Xie then went to the door to open it.

    Outside the door, a sweet and charming young girl and a handsome looking youth were standing before it.
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