Chapter 1536: “An Eccentric Academy (3)”

    Chapter 1536: "An Eccentric Academy (3)"

    "You're Jun Wu right? I saw that you did not even step out from your room much these few days and I happened to have some food and I thought to bring it over to you." The sweet and charming girl said with her eyes narrowed with smiles as she looked at Jun Wu Xie while waving a lunch box in her hand.

    Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at the young girl who had so suddenly come here and was being so friendly. Jun Wu Xie remembered having seen this young girl before, she seemed to have been picked by the Blood Fiend Palace. When they were just being admitted into the academy, she had been standing together with the disciples of the Blood Fiend Palace.

    The Blood Fiend Palace held power almost equal to the Palace of Flame Demons with the Flame Demons Palace just a slight notch more superior in might. But after having lost two of their Elders, that slight superiority had been caught up with by the Blood Fiend Palace.

    If it was said one was to find the two most powerful palaces among the Twelve Palaces, it would then only be the Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace.

    If Jun Wu Xie remembered it correctly, Gu Ying from the time back at the Zephyr Academy had been sent by the Blood Fiend Palace.

    Jun Wu Xie's chilly demeanor did not seem to have affected the young girl at all as the smile on the young girl's face did not change in the slightest when she went on to say with great familiarity: "The people from the Cloudy Brook Academy don't seem like they would be bothering with us these few days. I heard that before everyone passes the test, we will have to be self sufficient. Coincidentally, I am staying on this same level just right opposite you and it might just be fate for us to meet. My name is Gu Xin Yan and you should just accept the food or you're going to go hungry."

    Gu Xin Yan's countenance was highly charming and her smile pure and beautiful which made people warm up to her easily. Without knowing exactly why, when Jun Wu Xie saw Gu Xin Yan's pure smile, she suddenly thought of Qu Ling Yue in the past.

    In the past, Qu Ling Yue had been just as pure and innocent when she smiled, like she hadn't a single worry on her mind or was troubled in anyway.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze hovered over Gu Xin Yan's face for awhile before she turned her eyes away and said softly: "No need."

    Gu Xin Yan wasn't about to give up as she said: "Look at this thin body of yours. It would be really bad if you go hungry for too long. The Cloudy Brook Academy is not any ordinary academy. For you to be able to cultivate properly here, it wouldn't do to not have a strong body."

    As she said that, Gu Xin Yan went on to stuff the box of food into Jun Wu Xie's hand and then immediately retreated a few steps while waving her hand, not even giving Jun Wu Xie an opportunity to reject.

    "You eat that first. And if that's not enough, I'll bring over more for you next time. I'll be going now." After saying that, Gu Xin Yan did not even turn her head around when she left and the youth who had been with her followed right behind her.

    That youth had not said a single word from the start till the end, his face coldly handsome looking and the gaze within his gaze when he left not very friendly.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the food container that had been forced into her hands. Her brows creased up slightly but in the end, she did not throw it away. She brought it into her room and then closed the door behind her.

    Gu Xin Yan who had not gone too far away yet turned her head when she heard the door close to see that the space before Jun Wu Xie's room door was completely empty and a smile came unconsciously into her eyes.

    "Xin Yan, why are you being that nice to that kid? Can't you see that he doesn't reciprocate your kind intentions in the slightest?" The handsome lad said with his brows furrowed together, his heart filled with frustration when he saw the smile within Gu Xin Yan's eyes.

    Gu Xin Yan then turned her back and looked at the highly displeased youth.

    "Whether he appreciates my kindness, is not important. Hao Yu, when can that brain of yours become a little smarter? If you continue to be so dense, then while we are here in the Cloudy Brook Academy, you can go your own way and I'll go mine. We will then have nothing to do with each other." The smile on Gu Xin Yan's face faded away, as she looked at Lin Hao Yu with a rather exasperated gaze.

    Lin Hao Yu opened his mouth and looked at Gu Xin Yan whose face was showing displeasure, suddenly feeling like he was at a loss for words.
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