Chapter 1537: “An Eccentric Academy (4)”

    Chapter 1537: "An Eccentric Academy (4)"

    "That was not what I meant. I just feel that..... that kid is just being too rude. You were being so kind to deliver food right to his door and not to mention that he did not even say a words of thanks, he even showed you that cold and distant face. Does he even know who he was showing that face to?" Lin Hao Yu did not dare to offend Gu Xin Rui and make her unhappy, hence he could only tactfully express his displeasure towards Jun Wu Xie.

    Instead, Gu Xin Yan sneered with a cold laugh of disdain: "What do you know. The one and only person from the Spirit Mastery race in the entire Middle Realm, the one lone person who knows Spirit Reinforcement, and also the only one person throughout the entire history of the Battle of Deities Grand Meet to have received invitations from all Twelve Palaces. And you think that Jun Wu is just an average character?"

    Lin Hao Yu's lips stiffened. "So what? Even if he is unique and one of a kind, he has eyes like everyone else but he does not see! He rejected the invitations from all the Twelve Palaces and accepted the Spirit Jade Palace instead, doesn't that just show he's an idiot? Who doesn't know under these Heavens, the Spirit Jade Palace exist but in name now, so which moron would decide to choose the Spirit Jade Palace?"

    "It's not important what Jun Wu chose before this. Don't you see?" Gu Xin Yan said impatiently. "So what if he had chosen the Spirit Jade Palace before coming into the Cloudy Brook Academy? What's more important is which palace he will choose when he leaves the Cloudy Brook Academy."

    Gu Xin Yan's words caused Lin Hao Yu to become startled in shock.

    "Xin Yan, could you be....."

    Gu Xin Yan laughed lightly. "Spirit Mastery race and Spirit Reinforcement. These are things that no other palace had possessed before. Now that the Flame Demons Palace has just lost two of their Elders, it is now the best time for the Blood Fiend Palace to rise up. As the daughter of the Blood Fiend Palace's Palace Lord, I must naturally share my father's burden."

    Gu Xin Yan's identity was different from other people. She was from the Blood Fiend Palace and she had her own set of motives when she came to take part in the Battle of Deities Grand Meet

    Lin Hao Yu looked at Gu Xin Yan and he nodded his head slightly.

    "Alright. It will be best if you understand now. You better not drag me down in the coming days ahead." Gu Xin Yan said when he saw that Lin Hao Yu had understood what her intentions were and she smiled in satisfaction as she waved for Lin Hao Yu to leave together with her.

    When Jun Wu Xie went back to her room, she placed the box of food that Gu Xin Yan had given to her in a corner of the room, having no intentions to open it at all.

    What Gu Xin Yan was planning, was clear to Jun Wu Xie.

    The moment she walked herself into the Twelve Palaces' line of sight, she had already thrown out her lure. What Gu Xin Yan wanted from her, Jun Wu Xie knew, but she had no intentions of bothering with it.

    But there was one point that made Jun Wu Xie take notice.

    "Gu Xin Yan, Gu Ying." Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed. She had not missed this seemingly coincidental detail.

    Gu Xin Yan and Gu Ying had the same surname and in the Blood Fiend Palace, people who carried the surname Gu was few and rare between. Only the bloodline of their Palace Lord were given that honour.

    If Jun Wu Xie's guess was not wrong, then whether it was Gu Xin Yan or it was Gu Ying who had previously appeared within the Zephyr Academy, both of them must be related to the Blood Fiend Palace Lord in some way. But the looks of Gu Xin Yan and Gu Ying were not at all alike or they could highly possibly be siblings.

    Jun Wu Xie sat at the table as she stared at the box of food she had disposed off in the corner.

    No matter how much Gu Xin Yan's smile had resembled Qu Ling Yue's, the scheming look in her eyes could not be hidden.

    But since people from the Blood Fiend Palace already could not hold themselves back and had begun to make a move, why should she not just go with the flow?

    Here in the Cloudy Brook Academy, she had thought that she would not be able to hit out at the Twelve Palaces. But what she could see now, it would not be entirely impossible.

    "Gu Xin Yan." Jun Wu Xie rested her chin in the palm of her hand, and the corners of her mouth arced up into a faint smile.

    When scheming against others, one had to be careful that they do not fall into other people's scheme as well.
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