Chapter 1538: “Poison in the Academy (1)”

    Chapter 1538: "Poison in the Academy (1)"

    In the few days that came after, another batch of people continued to come in succession. The state those youths were in when they arrived were much worse than before.

    According to what Qiao Chu and the others had experienced, during their trials, the Cloudy Brook Academy had only provided them with a little bit of water and some elixirs. Those elixirs ensured that they would not starve to death during the trials and that was it. Although their bodies would not fall into exhaustion from hunger, but the hunger pangs would still torture them mercilessly from their craving for solid food.

    The later the youths came in, the more pallid and sallow looking they were. Jun Wu Xie watched the youths coming in from her window and saw that they were even finding it very hard to walk, with quite a number of them even crawling wretchedly upon the ground as they came in.

    Seeing every single one of them in their highly crumpled and dirty clothes, their faces haggard and pale, they looked every inch like beggars, which was really unimaginable in such a prestigious academy.

    In terms of strictness and how harsh the youths were treated, no one else would come close to the Cloudy Brook Academy throughout the world.

    It was only after forty over days that all the youths who had been admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy returned. Many of them fell gravely ill after they came back and they laid upon their beds almost half dead. But the Cloudy Brook Academy did not leave those youths to their own devices but summoned a large number of physicians to provide treatment for them.

    After being tormented for almost two whole months, the initiation trials of the Cloudy Brook Academy finally came to an end. No other person would be able to imagine just what kind of a concept an academy held that just its initiation alone would span out over two months' time.

    But it was said that it had not taken that long this time round. There was a year where several of the youths who had been newly admitted possessed only mediocre abilities and they had taken an entire half year just to get through the trials, holding back the entire batch of disciples. Those youths had roamed and loafed about for half a year's time before they were finally able to free themselves from those painful days.

    In these two months, the youths who had come back early idled around with nothing to do. They wanted to walked about in the Cloudy Brook Academy but they were not allowed to. Besides wandering around within the vicinity of the lofts daily, they went around seeking to form their own cliques, which allowed them to successfully gather up in gangs before their real academy life even began.

    Only Jun Wu Xie alone was quietly alone from the start till the end, seldom stepping out past her door.

    Gu Xin Yan frequently went to disturb Jun Wu Xie within those two months, occasionally delivering some food to her. It was not known where she got them from but it seems like she had no lack of anything.

    As the Young Miss of the Blood Fiend Palace, Gu Xin Yan did not need to pander to anyone within the Cloudy Brook Academy and all those disciples picked out by the Blood Fiend Palace would gather and ingratiate themselves around her on their own accord. Even those who had come to the Cloudy Brook Academy earlier and still had not passed their graduation tests from the Blood Fiend Palace would also come to wait upon the Young Miss Gu, and it was guessed that most of her things had come from those seniors who had brought them in as gifts.

    Gu Xin Yan had her needs catered to by the youths from the Blood Fiend Palace like the moon being carried by a mass of stars. There was no need for her to be snubbed by anyone but it just so happened that she liked to go seek Jun Wu Xie out, which led the other disciples from the Blood Fiend Palace to know about Jun Wu Xie as well. But they could not understand the reason why Gu Xin Yan would treat Jun Wu Xie so well.

    Jun Wu Xie was always silent and did not speak much. Even when Young Miss Gu went to approach her personally, the kid still would not say more than a few measly words. That made all the youths who were all fighting so hard to win Gu Xin Yan's favour feel jealous and displeased, wishing that they could take that little kid's place.

    The two months of initiation was finally over and after this, the youths would have to immerse themselves into cultivation properly.
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