Chapter 1539: “Poison in the Academy (2)”

    Chapter 1539: "Poison in the Academy (2)"

    The Cloudy Brook Academy was split into four faculties. Namely spirit power, Ring Spirit, Healer and Innate Gift, like the categories in the Battle of Spirits Grand Meet. Besides the content designed for each individual faculty, there was also combined content that worked on the foundation that was carried out by all the disciples together.

    All faculties had the same uniforms and only the name tags that they wore before their chests were different.

    Jun Wu Xie was naturally put in the Innate Gift faculty and in the Cloudy Brook Academy, the Innate Gift faculty had the least number of people, but they had the most complicated types of disciples. In this faculty, they were further split up into many races where the classes were taught according to their respective race.

    And when it came to Jun Wu Xie.....

    Things became a little awkward.

    "My Lord, what do we do with Jun Wu? Where do we put her?" Tian Ze asked as he stood within the little old man's study, his face looking highly mournful.

    The other youths had all been segregated into their respective places and they all had their own places to go to for their formal learning. But only Jun Wu Xie was left in exceptional circumstances and her situation still had not been resolved.

    Jun Wu Xie was from the "Spirit Mastery race", the one and only person from the Spirit Mastery race throughout the entire Middle Realm. Without even needing to talk about anyone else that was from the same race, the Cloudy Brook Academy did not even know what were the special characteristics of the Spirit Mastery race, what aspects they needed to cultivate upon, and who would be able to instruct her.

    When the other youths were all scrambling to find their own places to practice their cultivation, Jun Wu Xie still continued to sit within her dormitory without any arrangements having been made for her.

    The little old man sat behind his desk and rubbed at his chin as he stared at the highly aggrieved Tian Ze and his eyes then turned.

    "Has there been any reaction from Jun Wu throughout this period?"

    Tian Ze shook his head.

    The little old man then said: "Those little scoundrels have already been forming themselves into their own cliques. That kid Jun Wu is neither from any of the Twelve Palaces nor is she from any of the more common races. Being sidelined and ostracised everyday and he has not shown any reaction?"

    The other youths were either mixing with people who were from the same palace as they were or gathered together with others of the same race or tribe.

    But Jun Wu Xie was an enigma on her own no matter which way you looked at it.

    Spirit Jade Palace?

    Just her alone!

    Spirit Mastery race?

    Just her alone as well!

    She wouldn't be able to find any common ground to join any cliques anywhere.

    Tian Ze shook his head. That was a point that he wanted to praise Jun Wu highly about. "Jun Wu had not shown any reaction and most of the time, he does not even step out from his room, like he has just locked himself inside his own room to practice his cultivation and there really isn't anything to complain about him. But Gu Xin Yan from the Blood Fiend Palace would often go seek him out but that kid did not seem to have any intentions of furthering their relationship and had always reacted to her in a half hearted fashion."

    Jun Wu was still rather young and youths at that age were most easily influenced by her surroundings. Especially when they were isolated in such a large group. If it had been an average youth, they might grow to become resentful but Jun Wu looked like he had not noticed any of it. Sometime, Tian Ze would even hide himself in the shadows to observe and he felt that Jun Wu was a little too calm. For him to live alone and isolated for two whole months and it was when the other youths were all forming their own cliques, didn't the kid feel strange at all?

    The little old man's face was showing a smile of admiration as he said: "This kid had a rather good temperament and it's not something someone his age should be able to possess. I think we'll do it this way. Our academy had never had anyone from the Spirit Mastery race before and this is the first one. We do not know that we might see another one from the Spirit Mastery race appear here again and this is a good time for us to use this kid to familiarize ourselves with the Spirit Mastery race. Just go down and tell the kid to go to the Waning Moon Chambers in the east wing today."

    Tian Ze's face suddenly showed an expression of shock. He stared incredulously at the little old man.....

    "Waning Moon Chambers? ? !"
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