Chapter 1541: “Waning Moon Chambers (1)”

    Chapter 1541: "Waning Moon Chambers (1)"

    Lin Hao Yu held it in within, not daring to say anything else, but disapproval was written all over his face.

    "You can be stupid on your own, but do not drag me down with you." Gu Xin Yan said in a highly displeased tone as she turned to leave, but her heart was thinking in another way. Jun Wu's chilly demeanor had indeed made her feel somewhat uncomfortable but though Jun Wu treated her like that, he was the same with everyone else. In fact, the only person throughout the entire Cloudy Brook Academy who was able to exchange a few words with Jun Wu was only her alone and that had made her feel slightly better about it.

    And now that Jun Wu was going to the Waning Moon Chambers, it had made Gu Xin Yan see a glimmer of hope.

    What the Waning Moon Chambers was like, she did not know. But if Jun Wu was to suffer any injustice at the Waning Moon Chambers, she would be able to make use of that opportunity to comfort him a little.

    That was what Gu Xin Yan was thinking in her mind as she left.

    Immediately after Jun Wu Xie received the news from Jun Wu Xie, she just took a little time to make a few preparations before she set forth towards the Waning Moon Chambers.

    The Waning Moon Chambers was at the east wing of the Cloudy Moon Academy. That area was not a place for the academy's disciples to practice their cultivation but was not far from the library and treasure vault. When Jun Wu Xie walked out from the area where the lofts were located, she passed quite a number of youths gathered together in groups along the way. Their faces were filled with excited smiles, seemingly looking like they were just returning from their cultivation and were highly delighted, feeling endlessly excited with the future they saw here in this new academy.

    The youths were chatting away merrily and the moment they saw Jun Wu Xie, they suddenly became more restrained, their eyes unconsciously floating over to look at the figure of Jun Wu Xie.

    Among this batch of disciples, Jun Wu Xie was not considered to possess the strongest spirit powers, nor was she thought to own a powerful Ring Spirit, but she had still become the one that attracted the most attention. While everyone had all grouped up together in twos and threes, she was always alone. And that lone single figure had only made those youths who were jealous and envious of her to become more bothered by her.

    The youths watched Jun Wu Xie walking past before their eyes, their faces contorted in expressions of disapproval.

    "I had been thinking how much longer was she going to remain hiding in her room or what she not intending to come out of there anymore." A disciple said with his face showing a smile but there was no mirth.

    "How pitiful. I had heard that all the rest of the people from the Innate Gift faculty had all gone to report much earlier but no one seems to be care a whim about him, and he had been left to shrivel and wither inside her room without anyone bothering about him."

    "Tsk, he's really that pitiful? Isn't it said that she received invitations from all Twelve Palaces? I think that's all he is. Here in the Cloudy Brook Academy, nobody even asks about him at all and he thought he's really all that. What a joke."

    The youths grumbled a little more before they went back to discussing what they had been talking about before.

    Jun Wu Xie had already developed an ability to block out such sounds and she did not even pay the slightest attention to what they were all yapping about.

    After walking for awhile, Jun Wu Xie finally found the Waning Moon Chambers. Standing before the doors, she saw the three characters that read "Waning Moon Chambers" hanging up upon the loft building and she paused a moment before she walked up to the door, her hand raised and prepared to knock.

    She had just come to stand outside the doors when she detected the highly intoxicating fragrance of wine and that fragrance seemed to be coming out from behind the door.

    Disciples were prohibited from drinking within the Cloudy Brook Academy and even teachers could not drink as they wished. It was high noon and right in the middle of the day, at such a time, why would the fragrance of wine even be present?

    Jun Wu Xie was still a little puzzled in her heart but she did not tarry for too long before she went ahead to knock on the tightly shut door.

    It was completely silent behind the door and not the slightest sound could be heard. Jun Wu Xie waited for a while but the door did not open and she knocked again.

    The crisp and clear sound of the knocking upon the door rang out within the silence, sounding highly jarring among that largely empty area in the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    There was still no sound coming from inside the Waning Moon Chambers. There wasn't the slightest trace of impatience on Jun Wu Xie's face and she paused only for a moment before she continued to knock, rhythmically, neither too hurried nor slacking as she knocked.
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