Chapter 1542: “Waning Moon Chambers (2)”

    Chapter 1542: "Waning Moon Chambers (2)"

    After waiting for about half an hour's time and Jun Wu Xie was just about to knock upon the door again, she finally heard some movement from inside and Jun Wu Xie put her hand down to wait.


    The tightly locked door was then opened slowly as a strong wave of the wine's fragrance rushed straight out from inside.

    "Burp!" inside the room, sat a lightly clad and highly gorgeous woman who was leaning upon the door, her ravishing face tinged with a pink flush, her half narrowed beautiful eyes staring at Jun Wu Xie standing in front of the door.

    That woman looked like she was about twenty eight or twenty nine years old, possessing not the kind of innocent beauty of a young girl but more like the seductive allure of a mature woman, but without making people feel she was unrefined in any way. Her pair of long endless legs were covered by a skirt and the hand that was resting against the door held an elaborately decorated wine jar.

    "Kid, have you got the wrong place?" The gorgeous beauty asked Jun Wu Xie with her brows creased up together, the thick scent of wine assaulting Jun Wu Xie from the front when the woman opened her mouth to speak.

    When Jun Wu Xie breathed in the wine soaked fumes, she almost felt like she was becoming drunk.

    "Teacher Tian Ze told me to come." Jun Wu Xie said, trying her best to disregard the thick fragrance of wine.

    "Har? Tian Ze?" The woman's face became highly puzzled as she gazed at Jun Wu Xie from head to toe. "What did he ask you to come here for?"

    "Cultivation." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    "....." The woman's eyes widened slightly and then looked at Jun Wu Xie from top to bottom again. "He asked you to come here to cultivate? Are you sure you heard him right?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head.

    The woman looked highly impatient as she swung the wine jar in her hand and grumbled in irritation: "Has Tian Ze brain been squashed by the door? He actually wants me to guide a disciple..... Is he a moron? Damn it..... This woman here doesn't feel like babysitting a snot nosed kid at all."

    The woman continued to grumble looking highly irritated, completely not caring that her words which were filled with such utter disdain was falling right into Jun Wu Xie's ears.

    Jun Wu Xie continued to remain standing there quietly, compared to the woman's bewilderment, Jun Wu Xie's surprise was not that slight either.

    [This person was going to be her teacher from now onwards?]

    Looking at the state the woman was in, Jun Wu Xie was feeling like she had met the female version of Drunk Lotus.

    The woman struggled for a while before she finally said highly vexed: "Alright kid, come on in." The woman then opened up her stride and walked right inside.

    Jun Wu Xie followed her inside. The entire room was filled with the dense and thick fragrance of wine and upon a shelf that lined one wall on the first level, it was filled with all kinds of wine jars and urns, rows upon rows of them, and there was a highly astounding number of them.

    The woman did not bother with Jun Wu Xie and just walked on her own towards a soft plush lounge to lie herself down. She propped her head up with one arm and one of her long legs was then carelessly placed to step upon the lounge. With that action highly laid back action, her skirt then slid upwards to highly expose that long fair leg of hers. She did not seem to notice it at all as she lifted up the wine jar and took several large gulps down her throat. She downed that one jar in one breath and she then tossed the empty wine jar at Jun Wu Xie's feet.

    ""Fill it up." The woman said lazily.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the highly drunk woman and then stared at the wine jar before she bent her back to pick it up without a word. The woman lifted a finger to point at the jars of wine upon the shelf and Jun Wu Xie went walking over there. She poured more wine into the jar and then handed it over to the woman.

    Jun Wu Xie then retreated to the side self consciously and the woman did not bother with her as she continued to drink.

    The two people in the room then fell silent under that strange and bewildering situation.

    Till she finished that next jar of wine, the woman then continued to send Jun Wu Xie to fetch her more. After having made the trip three or five times, the woman finally paused and with the wine jar dangling from her hand, the half narrowed eyes turned to look at Jun Wu Xie who had carried out the thankless tasks given to her without a word of complaint and still maintained a unwavering demeanor.

    "Kid, what's your name?" The woman asked.

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