Chapter 1543: “Waning Moon Chambers (3)”

    Chapter 1543: "Waning Moon Chambers (3)"

    "Kid, what's your name?" The woman asked.

    "Jun Wu." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "Jun Wu....." The woman rubbed at her chin and sat up upon the lounge to take another long pull of the wine. "You were just admitted into here this year?" The woman asked with her face tinged with tipsiness.


    "Which category?"

    "Innate Gift category."

    The woman's mouth curled up and her gaze turned to the side. "Mother's eggs, why would they dump a little runt from the Innate Gift to me for? They must have water in their brains. This woman here isn't even from one of those unique races.

    Jun Wu Xie was calm as she listened to the woman "grumbles" that were not spoken softly at all.

    "Which race are you from? Bone Shifters? Witch Doctor? Or the Wind Riders?" The woman's face was one of impatience, with the words "This woman doesn't want to take you under my wing at all, would you now get the hell out of here?" almost written clearly on her forehead.

    Jun Wu Xie acted like she did not even notice that woman's impatience and just went on to reply: "Spirit Mastery race."

    "Har?" The woman was taken aback, the hand holding the wine jar swinging a bit. "Spirit Mastery race? Never heard of it." And she took another gulp of wine.

    "Kid, you'd better not deceive me."

    "It's the Spirit Mastery race." Jun Wu Xie said calmly. The Cloudy Brook Academy was the third academy she had attended but as a teacher like this woman here, it was Jun Wu Xie's first time seeing someone like that. The teacher that went off script the most whom Jun Wu Xie had seen would be her Master Yan Bu Gui, wine never leaving his mouth as well. But compared to this woman, Yan Bu Gui highly paled in significance.

    "Huh? Spirit Mastery race? Alright. Then why don't you tell me what kind of unique characteristics does the Spirit Mastery race possess? If you can't tell me, this woman is gonna throw you out." The woman murmured, spewing out a mouthful of fumes from the wine.

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at her and did not say much but just pulled out her Cosmos Sack, thinking to retrieve something from it.

    In the Lower Realm, there was no such thing as a Cosmos Sack. Here in the Middle Realm, though the Cosmos Sack was rare, but it was not that rare that it would be surprising to see one, hence, Jun Wu Xie had not thought much about bringing it out.

    But at the moment that Jun Wu Xie brought the Cosmos Sack out, the woman whose face had been filled with impatience suddenly froze for a moment as she stared at the Cosmos Sack with its crabapple flower embroidery in Jun Wu Xie's hand and the drunkenness within the woman's eyes immediately disappeared without a trace.

    Suddenly, a flash of silver light streaked past before Jun Wu Xie, and the Cosmos Sack she held in her hand disappeared in an instant. By the time Jun Wu Xie lifted her head, the Cosmos Sack was already in the woman's hand.

    When did she take it?

    Jun Wu Xie was surprised. Recalling that quick flash of silver light earlier, her heart jumped slightly.

    Ye Sha had once told her. Above the Purple Spirit, there was the Silver Spirit but Jun Wu Xie had never seen it before. She had always suspected that the Spirit Jade Palace Lord was a Silver Spirit but she had never seen him use his powers. When Jun Wu Xie had just met this drunken woman, she had not been able to determine her spirit powers which just proved that the woman possessed powers higher than hers. But Jun Wu Xie had never thought that this woman would be on the same level as the Lords of the Twelve Palaces, a Silver Spirit!

    Jun Wu Xie was filled with astonishment but the woman did not care about how Jun Wu Xie was feeling, only staring at the Cosmos Sack in her hand with her head lowered, her eyes filled with utter shock.

    "Kid! Where did you get this Cosmos Sack from! ?" The woman suddenly lifted up her head, the glaze of drunkenness dissipated completely from her beautiful pair of eyes, suddenly replaced by a sharp penetrating gaze, her tone becoming stern.

    Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow. That Cosmos Sack had been given to her by Yan Bu Gui. Judging from the reaction of the woman, it was obvious that she recognizes the Cosmos Sack!

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