Chapter 1544: “A Teacher Who Loves Wine Like Life (1)”

    Chapter 1544: "A Teacher Who Loves Wine Like Life (1)"

    The reason why Yan Bu Gui had left the Middle Realm, was something he had never mentioned before. When Jun Wu Xie had treated Yan Bu Gui, she had discovered that his body had been afflicted with quite a number of internal injuries and it would require quite a bit of time to nurse him back to health. Before she left, she had gotten Mu Chen to look after Yan Bu Gui's condition.

    In fact, Yan Bu Gui had not taught Jun Wu Xie all that much but Jun Wu Xie had acknowledged him to be her Master in her heart, and that would not change.

    The injuries Yan Bu Gui had suffered had made Jun Wu Xie realize that he must have had faced some difficulties that was beyond his control that made him leave the Middle Realm. Hence, Jun Wu Xie would not mention anything that had to do with Yan Bu Gui to any outsiders.

    This woman recognized the Cosmos Sack and she might just know Yan Bu Gui as well.

    "I bought that at an auction." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    "You bought it at an auction?" The woman's face was filled with shock and disbelief as she flipped the Cosmos Sack this way and that several times, the corners of her mouth then curling up into a cold sneer. "Bought it at an auction... Good! Good! That's just great! Ha ha ha ha!"

    She then tossed the Cosmos Sack back to Jun Wu Xie, her mouth still twisted up in a sneer.

    "You have truly let me down!"

    Jun Wu Xie held the Cosmos Sack in her hands, the woman's words surprising her in her heart. But before she could ascertain this woman's relationship to Yan Bu Gui, she could not reveal a single word about him. That was just being responsible towards Yan Bu Gui's safety.

    "Can I continue now?" Jun Wu Xie asked the woman, with a feigned calm.

    The woman gulped down another mouthful of wine and then said in a cold voice: "Carry on!"

    Jun Wu Xie pulled out a flask of water from the Cosmos Sack and after wetting the paintbrush, she squatted down on the ground to scribble a set of Spirit Reinforcement runes before she summoned the little black cat.

    The woman leaned herself back against the lounge, looking highly indifferent and not really noticing what Jun Wu Xie was doing, her mind seemingly somewhere else.

    But just as the woman's mind was drifting away, a scorching flame burst up before her eye, the bright glow immediately dragging the woman's attention back!

    She saw a little black cat treading upon those raging flames in walk, the balls of fire wrapped around its limbs, but not singeing its fur in the slightest.

    The woman whose mind had not really been paying attention suddenly stared with her eyes wide, to look at the amazing sight that had manifested before her eyes.

    After a while, the flames around the little black cat's paws dissipated away and it then  leapt lightly onto Jun Wu Xie shoulder, to sit down firmly as it swished its tail.

    "This is the power of the Spirit Mastery race?" The woman asked, looking in surprise at Jun Wu Xie, the languid sleepiness disappearing completely without a trace as her gaze fixed upon the figure of Jun Wu Xie.

    "Yes." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "Tell me in detail about the abilities of the Spirit Mastery race." The woman said, her face becoming serious.

    Jun Wu Xie took the words she told Su Jing Yan back on that day and repeated them to the woman without missing a single word. The woman listened intently and when Jun Wu Xie was finished, the surprise in her eyes still had not faded away.

    "Under these Heavens, the Spirit Mastery race really exists....." The woman said as she lowered her head thoughtfully, rubbing at her chin. That pair of beautiful eyes then swung over to Jun Wu Xie once more, tinged with a gently probing flavour.

    "I can roughly understand why that moron Tian Ze would send you here."

    The woman stood up and came over to Jun Wu Xie. The woman was very tall and standing before Jun Wu Xie, she stood more than half a head taller. With her hand holding the wine jar placed at her hip, she bent her back slightly to bring her eyes level with Jun Wu Xie, the other hand suddenly placed on top of Jun Wu Xie's head.

    "Little one, remember this. This woman is called Su Ya, and from today onwards, I am your teacher."

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