Chapter 1545: “A Teacher Who Loves Wine Like Life (2)”

    Chapter 1545: "A Teacher Who Loves Wine Like Life (2)"

    Su Ya became Jun Wu Xie's teacher. The kind of influence that Jun Wu Xie had on Su Ya was a little hard to put into words but her powers of a Silver Spirit was not something regular people could compare to.

    At that moment, Jun Wu Xie believed that the Cloudy Brook Academy was definitely not just an ordinary academy. Su Ya had obviously never guided a disciple before. For someone who held power equivalent to the level of a Palace Lord, a Silver Spirit no less, but had been thrown aside to be left in a place no different from a wine cellar, it could be seen from this how big a heart the Headmaster of the Cloudy Brook Academy must possess.

    Jun Wu Xie had thought that after Su Ya accepted her as a disciple, she would surely teach her something. But..... she was wrong.....

    After Su Ya said those words, she went right back to her comfy soft lounge and sat herself down, propping a leg up that stepped upon the soft lounge chair to take another two large gulps of wine.

    "Now, I am your teacher."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "Then, for the first thing that you have to do." The woman said as she looked at Jun Wu Xie, where she then lifted a hand to point at the flight of stairs on the side. "Clean up the second level."

    "....." Jun Wu Xie then started to feel that she might have thought too much into it!

    Su Ya when compared to a regular teacher..... was completely different.

    "Don't just stand there, do you need this woman to send you up there with a kick? Dawdling around like a little sissy..... If it's not done properly, you can jolly well go back to where you came from." Su Ya said with cold derision.

    Jun Wu Xie sighed slightly and then silently walked up to the second floor.

    No matter how far off the script Su Ya was being, since the Cloudy Brook Academy allocated her here, she would still complete the tasks a disciple was supposed to do, taking as a kind of training before she dealt with the Twelve Palaces.

    Jun Wu Xie walked up onto the second level of the loft and she instantly froze at the door.

    Everywhere the eye saw, the second level of the loft was complete mess of chaos. Wine jars and urns were piled up messily all over the place, and indistinguishable and unidentifiable substances filled up every corner. Jun Wu Xie even found a section of a chicken bone that had been half chewed upon.....


    Jun Wu Xie who was a little bit of a clean freak was suddenly stunned by the extent of the trash.

    In the entire Waning Moon Chambers, there was only Su Ya alone. It could easily be guessed who was the one responsible for creating that mess.

    [What kind of a teacher has she gotten herself?]

    Jun Wu Xie was speechless as she asked the Heavens.

    The pitiful broom was half buried under a pile of unidentifiable substances and Jun Wu Xie stared for quite a long time before she finally drew in a deep breath and pulled out a pair of gloves from her Cosmos Sack, resigned to her fate. After she dug the broom out, she then embarked on her bitter battle with trash.

    Su Ya lay upon the soft lounge on the first floor and listened to sound of footsteps coming down from the second level. Her gorgeous face curled up with a smile of unclear intentions and she then began drinking highly leisurely once again.

    Jun Wu Xie filled up gunny sack after gunny sack with the trash that had been lying there for an unknown length of time. She then carried them down the steps from the second level and brought them outside the Waning Moon Chambers, one trip after another, tirelessly and silent. Needless to even mention a single word of praise from Su Ya, by the time Jun Wu Xie had slogged through several more trips outside and was on her next trip down, she saw that Su Ya had already fallen asleep upon the comfy lounge while hugging a wine jar tightly. It was made worse by the fact that while she slept, she had an entire fair skinned leg completely exposed, while her comfortable lounge chair directly faced the wide open doors of the Waning Moon Chambers!

    Several youths who were coincidentally walking past the Waning Moon Chambers stumbled onto that great view and they immediately stopped in their tracks to stand outside the doors to drool heavily as they stared.

    Jun Wu Xie's face was cold as stone as she looked at the highly ravenous and thirsty wolves outside the door. She put down the gunny sacks she held in her hands for a while and pulled out a outer robe from within her Cosmos Sack, to cover it over Su Ya's long leg before those youths staring outside, shielding that colourful sight of spring from prying eyes.
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