Chapter 1546: “A Teacher Who Loves Wine Like Life (3)”

    Chapter 1546: "A Teacher Who Loves Wine Like Life (3)"

    To clean up the Waning Moon Chambers had taken Jun Wu Xie three entire days and in that period, the sight of her dragging out bags of trash big and small was spotted by quite a number of disciples and many voice raised with endless comments quickly spread among the freshmen disciples.

    Jun Wu Xie had from the Battle of Deities till now gone through many twists and turns, rising and falling. The rarity of the Spirit Mastery race had caused her to become a target all the Twelve Palaces fought for and because of that, it had drawn much jealousy from quite a number of youths. But no one had expected that her final choice would finally end up being the Spirit Jade Palace that had fallen into decline.

    And after being admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy, the other disciples had all begun their cultivation training and Jun Wu Xie was seen only dumping rubbish which led the youths who had once envied Jun Wu Xie to secretly laugh and jeer.

    "Similarly as mortals but we lead different lives. I had thought what kind of great abilities that kid has but that is all he has amounted to. How could the Spirit Jade Palace even compare to the Twelve Palaces? The people at the Cloudy Brook Academy aren't idiots and who would seriously teach someone from the Spirit Jade Palace?" A group of youths gathered together to chit chat after their cultivation training ended.

    "I think it's great, throwing out rubbish and such should be really suitable for him! Haha."

    The group of youths then laughed together.

    Jun Wu Xie came out from the Waning Moon Chambers and was on her way back to the dorm when she came across that gossipy group of youths. She continued to walk pass calmly but those youths were clearly not about to spare her just like that.

    "Hey Jun Wu! My room has not been cleared for several days! Why don't you clean it up for me as well?"

    "Ya ya ya! Mine too! Don't worry, I'll pay you for it and not let you do it for nothing."

    "I say Jun Wu, why don't you take charge of the rooms of your brothers here and we will guide you with a thing or two outside of our cultivation training time. How good a deal is that? Don't end up when we have all graduated and gone back and you'll still have to carry out all these menial tasks in the Cloudy Brook Academy."

    The insulting and sarcastic words were chasing down Jun Wu Xie to nip mercilessly at her like a bunch of rabid dogs. Jun Wu Xie's face was cold as she walked past the youths, not bothering with them at all.

    And those youths being greeted by Jun Wu Xie's silence grown bolder and more audacious, from the initial hushed whispers to the blatant insults hurled right before her.

    Gu Xin Yan stood in their shadows, seeing Jun Wu Xie pass under the laughing and jeering and her beautiful and enchanting face was tinged with a smile.

    Lin Hao Yu followed behind Gu Xin Yan closely, his gaze similarly looking at the departing back of Jun Wu Xie and his heart filled up with glee.

    Gu Xin Yan usually treated Jun Wu quite well. The favoured treatment had caused Lin Hao Yu to become insanely jealous and seeing Jun Wu fallen into such a wretched state now, the fact that exhilaration would fill his heart was a matter that did not need to be said. Moreover, with Gu Xin Yan just quietly watching from the side and not showing any signs of stepping forth to help had made Lin Hao Yu very happy.

    In the end, Jun Wu had only enjoyed a fleeting moment of glory just based on the rarity of his Spirit Mastery race.

    In the Cloudy Brook Academy, the advantage of being from the various unique races had ceased to exist the moment he chose the Spirit Jade Palace. They had begun their real cultivation training and Jun Wu had instead been tasked with menial work by the Cloudy Brook Academy. The disparity in treatment between them had been greatly pulled further apart.

    "How pitiful, looks like the Cloudy Brook Academy do not value the Spirit Mastery race all that much. Jun Wu is now not given proper guidance nor is he able to practice cultivation but had instead become a janitor in the Cloudy Brook Academy. I think he will not have a chance of leaving this place till the end of his life." Lin Hao Yu's tone was highly sympathetic but the expression on his face was anything but kind, filled instead with ridicule.

    Gu Xin Yan glanced at Lin Hao Yu. Jun Wu's current situation was truly in a bad state, it could even be said to be downright appalling.
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