Chapter 1547: “The Plot Begins (1)”

    Chapter 1547: "The Plot Begins (1)"

    All of this, was something that even Gu Xin Yan had not thought of.

    Reasonably, it was not important which palace Jun Wu chose as the Cloudy Brook Academy would not change how it treated any disciple because of that. Moreover, Jun Wu's Spirit Mastery race to the entire Middle Realm, was an astounding discovery.

    The history of the Cloudy Brook Academy was deep and highly illustrious and they did not look like they were such a shallow academy that would treat their disciples differently based on their identity.

    But despite that, Jun Wu still had not gone into any kind of cultivation and even Gu Xin Yan herself had witnessed Jun Wu being made to throw out rubbish at the Waning Moon Chambers.

    Towards that, Gu Xin Yan had even gone to ask the seniors a little bit more about that.

    The Waning Moon Chambers when described in plain words, was the Cloudy Brook Academy's wine cellar and there was usually only one person overlooking that place without any disciples ever carrying out any cultivation training over there. The Waning Moon Chambers was an oddity that stood out against the nearby highly normal library and treasure vault buildings.

    To have a newly admitted disciple arranged into the a wine cellar and always made to just pack and clean up, no matter how one looked at it, it made people feel that something was off. Even if Gu Xin Yan tried her hardest to decipher a deeper meaning behind it, she had not been able to come to any reasonable conclusion, making her feel as if Jun Wu had been abandoned by the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    Gu Xin Yan had suddenly become confused, unable to understand why the Cloudy Brook Academy would do that to Jun Wu.

    "We'll just observe it for another period of time." Gu Xin Yan said cautiously. She had noticed that though the rumours and unfounded gossip had been many, Jun Wu had not shown any reaction to all of them. This was still not the right time for her to make her move as she needed to wait till Jun Wu had fallen into a quandary before she offers him a helping hand, which would then amplify the kindness she was going to show to Jun Wu.

    Seeing that Gu Xin Yan still had not abandoned her intention of winning over Jun Wu, Lin Hao Yu secretly curled up his lips in contempt. He was silent for a moment before a idea suddenly popped into his head.

    "Xin Yan, are you thinking to wait till that kid Jun Wu has suffered injustice before you reach out to help him?"

    "When else?" Gu Xin Yan said. Having interacted with Jun Wu for a period of time, Jun Wu had always made her feel they were distant. Regardless how hard she tried, they had always remained in a state where they were still close to being strangers. That situation had frustrated Gu Xin Yan and she had been trying to break that stalemate but had not yet succeeded.

    "Should I help you?" Lin Hao Yu said with a smile.

    Gu Xin Yan lifted an eyebrow. "Do not do anything rash. If Jun Wu discovers it and thinks that our Blood Fiend Palace hold enmity against her, she would definitely not want to become friendly with us."

    Lin Hao Yu continued to smile as he replied: "There's no need to be so nervous. I wouldn't really be that dumb. Sometimes, to push someone to the edge with no other way out, one doesn't even need to dirty his own hands. All it needs is just a little push and a prod and others will naturally do it for us."

    Gu Xin Yan looked at the confident smile upon Lin Hao Yu's face and she hesitated a moment before she said: "I understand what you are telling me but everyone from all the palaces have already received instructions before they came in here that no one is to provoke Jun Wu. What kind of a ploy could you possibly dream up?"

    Lin Hao Yu answered: "Instructions were given. But you have seen it for yourself. People who are displeased with Jun Wu with the Cloudy Brook Academy are many and they are all young and hot blooded youths. There's bound to be a few who would act without thinking it through their minds."

    Gu Xin Yan was still a little disagreeable to it but Lin Hao Yu's words had tugged at her heart. Now that the cultivation training for the various faculties had already started, she did not have that much time to carry out her own plans. Afterall, coming into the Cloudy Brook Academy, besides developing talents for the Blood Fiend Palace, she still wanted to raise her own powers as well.

    "Do not let Jun Wu find out." Gu Xin Yan finally relented.
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