Chapter 1548: “The Plot Begins (2)”

    Chapter 1548: "The Plot Begins (2)"

    Having got Gu Xin Yan's approval, Lin Hao Yu laughed secretly to himself in his heart. He agreed with docility to everything that was said but upon turning his back, he immediately went ahead to carry out the task.

    And at that time, Jun Wu Xie did not know that Lin Hao Yu had already set his eye on her. She continued to provide menial labour, tormented under Su Ya's hands.

    After the second level was cleaned up, Su Ya led Jun Wu Xie to the basement of the Waning Moon Chambers. The place was filled with fragrant wine that had just fermented not too long ago. The entire basement was closed up tight and Jun Wu Xie had just gone inside when she nearly became drunk from breathing all the thick fumes of wine in there.

    But Su Ya did not bother with that and just dumped her in there to watch over the place.

    Jun Wu Xie was made to remain down there for the entire day and when she came back from the Waning Moon Chambers everyday, her whole body was covered with that thick smell of wine. Even from far away, the other youths were already able to smell the fragrance of wine on Jun Wu Xie.

    Although still young, but to these youths who were trapped within the Cloudy Brook Academy and given nothing but highly simple meals and plain old tea, wine and gourmet food were things far beyond their reach. They had already been feeling depressed with the fare they were given in there and they had to "smell" Jun Wu Xie coming back everyday reeking of a walking vat of  wine. That caused the youths who already disliked Jun Wu Xie to secretly harbour greater hatred against the kid.

    [Based on what do they have to be put under such rigorous training by the teachers to the point that they were all almost half dead and had to eat food that was so bland they all tasted like they had been cooked with nothing but water but Jun Wu was instead allowed such a leisurely life to enjoy gourmet food with wine?]

    At that moment, they all seemed to have conveniently forgotten that they had just been laughing at Jun Wu Xie for having to live so lowly, having been abandoned by the Cloudy Brook Academy and in just a blink, they had grown so highly jealous of Jun Wu Xie's good fortune.

    In the beginning, that jealousy had merely been passed around through words from their mouths but with Jun Wu Xie's silence and isolation, the youths began to become more bold with their actions.

    One day, when Jun Wu Xie had just returned to the dormitory and was going back to her room to rest, right before her door, was a huge pile of rubbish that blocked her door fully. The rubbish that was already starting to smell rather ripe had completely blocked her way inside where even the keyhole had been stuffed up with some unknown substance.

    Jun Wu Xie stood in front of her door and looked at the mess before her door, her face not showing the slightest reaction.

    Several youths came out from the adjacent rooms and saw Jun Wu Xie standing before the door without any expression on her face, all of them grinning in utmost glee.

    "Sigh, our little janitor is really loving his job so much that he has even brought his work back to the dorm?"

    "Since he likes to pick up trash so much, he might as well not return to his room and just sleep upon the trash which will save him a lot of trouble. Anyway, the trash really suits him very well doesn't it?"

    "Epletely undisguised.

    Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at the backs of those youths and a chill flashed in her eyes.

    Just around the corner, Lin Hao Yu had his arms folded across his chest, as he stared at Jun Wu's icy cold expression and the ends of his mouth then curled up in a sneer. When he saw those youths walking towards him, he immediately retracted the smile on his face and walked out from behind that corner, his demeanor stoic. The tone of his voice was sounding highly righteous as he said: "The few of you had better know where to draw the line! Bullying also has its limits! Jun Wu is such a young kid so how can all of you bully him like this! ?"

    "Lin Hao Yu, what has these things got to do with you? Jun Wu is not even from the Blood Fiend Palace so why are you getting so uptight about! ?" One of the youths retorted, sounding highly displeased.
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