Chapter 1549: “The Plot Begins (3)”

    Chapter 1549: "The Plot Begins (3)"

    "Does it even matter whether he is from our Blood Fiend Palace? I just can't stand seeing all of you bullying someone like this! Did Jun Wu offend any of you? You are all just jealous that Jun Wu got invited by all Twelve Palaces! Who do all of you think you are? You're all just fortunate enough to have been picked by one of the palaces and had gone running to latch on to their thighs like the dogs you all are and you all have become so self absorbed in glee? Who among you have received invitations from all Twelve Palaces? Did you even have another choice? If you can't match up to others, then all of you should not come here to bully someone in this manner. Is that what all of you are capable of?" Lin Hao Yu berated those youths in a righteous tone, his voice loud and clear, drawing out everyone else within the other rooms on that level. Several of the more curious ones stuck their heads out behind their doors and continued to watch the show.

    The faces of those youths turned a pale green from anger after hearing Lin Hao Yu's words. Although what Lin Hao Yu said was highly unpleasant to the ears, it hit what they were feeling in their hearts accurately. The reason they had been so nasty to Jun Wu was indeed partly because they were jealous of the kid.

    But though the words rang true, it did little to stop the hatred they felt towards Jun Wu, but merely caused the humiliation that they felt from being discovered to turn into rage!

    "Lin Hao Yu! You had better clean out that mouth of yours! Who would be jealous of a piece of trash like that! ? So what if he had been invited by all Twelve Palaces! ? Didn't he end up in that damned Spirit Jade Palace? To end up becoming a useless trashy janitor in the Cloudy Brook Academy. The Cloudy Brook Academy doesn't even give a damn about him so why in the hell are you jumping out to play the hero! ?" The youths were so angry their faces were now flushed red, arguing back without backing down in the slightest.

    "How do you know that the Cloudy Brook Academy doesn't care about him? It could be that the academy has some special arrangements made for Jun Wu and you really think that the few of you here are even fit to know about the decisions made by the academy? You're comparing yourselves to Jun Wu? With just that puny bit of power that you hold, it's not even good enough to be shown to anyone here! Jun Wu is the Middle Realm's one and only person from the Spirit Mastery race and who are all of you to even compare yourselves to him! ?" Lin Hao Yu sneered with his venomous tongue.

    The two parties stood right in the middle of the hallway as they argued, with Lin Hao Yu defending Jun Wu with every word he said, but those words were all highly prickly to the ears and even those youths who were not involved in the incident began to develop traces of displeasure against Jun Wu after hearing Lin Hao Yu's overbearing and arrogant words.

    Needless to even mention those who had already disliked Jun Wu from before.

    "What are you saying? Being from the Spirit Mastery race makes you exceptional? Belonging to a rare race makes you high and mighty? He chose the trashy Spirit Jade Palace himself and now that we're inside the Cloudy Brook Academy he is latching on to the Blood Fiend Palace's golden thigh! Ptui!"

    At that moment, the debate about Jun Wu reached a point where it had become worse than it had ever been before.

    Lin Hao Yu's argument had not only not helped change anything for Jun Wu Xie, he had instead put her into a more dangerous predicament.

    By the time the arguments ended and Lin Hao Yu and those youths had dispersed, those youths who had been watching the show from the side all subconsciously turned their heads to look at in the direction Jun Wu Xie was at.

    Under the noisy squabbling, Jun Wu Xie was instead acting like a person who was uninvolved in their arguing as she just quietly cleaned up the filthy mess outside her door, completely unconcerned with anything else.

    But those gazes thrown upon the figure of Jun Wu had at that point grown to become more unfriendly. All those vicious gazes couldn't be anymore clear.

    Jun Wu Xie did not bother herself with all those eyes staring at her but merely walked inside silently after she opened the door, blocking out all the admonishments and curses from people out there.

    Meanwhile after turning the corner, the face of Lin Hao Yu who had pretended to stomp off in rage suddenly revealed a highly venomous smile.
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