Chapter 1551: “Little Fella’s Not Bad (1)”

    Chapter 1551: "Little Fella's Not Bad (1)"

    "Senior..... Your choice of words....." Tian Ze had already become used to Su Ya's contemptuous attitude towards him and he scratched at his head as he said a little awkwardly: "I truly do not possess the kind of gift that Senior possesses and I have been stupid from young or how would you be my Senior while I remain your junior."

    Su Ya snorted derisively still not satisfied.

    Seeing that Su Ya's attitude had improved a little, Tian Ze immediately slid over closer to bring a jar of fine wine he had prepared earlier right before Su Ya.

    "This is fine wine that I just brought up the mountain and I'll couldn't even bear to take a single sip. I know that Senior loves wine so I brought it over here for you."

    Su Ya cast a quick glance at the wine jar and she then reached a hand out to take it.

    "You're at least aware of that much. Speak up! Why have you come to this woman's Waning Moon Chambers for? Hurry up and go if there's nothing. When this woman sees that country bumpkin face of yours, the anger rises inside! Look at you! A big man like you acting like a sissy all the time being so shy and affected, aren't you even embarrassed?"

    Tian Ze was crying in his heart. He was usually rather manly and in the Cloudy Brook Academy, he was always a man of his word, someone who was impartial and stalwart. But when in front of Su Ya, his mannerisms grew short by a notch unconsciously.

    "I have something! The Lord told me to come."

    Su Ya then said: "Why are you calling him the Lord? Don't you know how to address him as Master?"

    Tian Ze really felt so much like crying. Having a highly eccentric Master was already hard enough for him and in the end, he also had a Senior that was just so brutal and vicious towards him. A normal man like him had really suffered much abuse in his discipleship under this Master.

    "Hadn't Master forbidden me to address him like that within the academy?" Tian Ze answered mournfully.

    "Two idiots." Su Ya said in a derisive tone.

    Tian Ze disregarded Su Ya's disdain reflexively and began to talk about more serious matters.

    "Our elderly Master made me come here to ask and see how the little fella that had been sent here to Senior is doing?"

    Upon hearing those words, Su Ya stopped drinking and then sat up upon her soft lounge.

    "I had told myself that the one who dumped that little brat here must have been that old fella! Is it that he cannot stand seeing this woman here laze around at all? I had already hidden myself all the way here in the Waning Moon Chambers and he still comes to dump people onto me!"

    Tian Ze said highly mournfully: "You can't possibly blame me for that, it was Master's idea and I am just being the messenger. Moreover..... That kid Jun Wu isn't too bad as well, though he's a little wooden and inarticulate but a rather guileless boy. The special characteristics of the Spirit Mastery race that he's from was something other people are unable to guide and instruct him in and the person most familiar with power of the soul and spirit bodies her is only Senior, you as you....." Tian Ze had not even been able to finish his words when Su Ya's icy glare immediately turned upon him and the words he had not said could only be swallowed back down into his stomach helplessly.

    Su Ya then turned her eyes back.

    Tian Ze then asked very cautiously: "Is Senior dissatisfied with Jun Wu?"

    Su Ya immediately snorted. "If it wasn't because the kid was obedient, this woman me would have thrown him right out of here! It wouldn't matter who was the one who sent him here."

    When Tian Ze heard that, that means the show would go on!

    Although Su Ya expressed high impatience with her words, however, Tian Ze knew that meant that Su Ya had just agreed to teach Jun Wu already. It must be known that Su Ya had not taken in any disciples for many years already and initially she had not even wanted to remain within the Cloudy Brook Academy. If not for their Master's irreversible order that kept here stuck in here, she might very well have disappeared without leaving a trace behind.

    Su Ya held extremely high powers and she had her own unique methods in instructing her disciples. Regular disciples were completely beneath her notice and even in the past, the number of people she had been willing to take in had been few. If she was willing to let Jun Wu remain here, that meant that she had already set her sights on Jun Wu and was willing to guide and instruct the kid. That had made Tian Ze finally be able to heave a big sigh of relief.

    It could be said that throughout the entire Cloudy Brook Academy, the only person that was more powerful than Su Ya was the Master of the two of them. To be able to make Su Ya accept a disciple was something really rare indeed.
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