Chapter 1552: “Little Fella’s Not Bad (2)”

    Chapter 1552: "Little Fella's Not Bad (2)"

    "Yes yes yes. That little fella Jun Wu isn't bad at all." Tian Ze agreed hurriedly.

    When Su Ya mentioned Jun Wu, her tone had sounded a little better. In the beginning, she had not intended to teach the kid anything as she had already lost all inclination towards teaching. Hence, she had deliberately made things difficult for the little fella and had made the kid do quite a number of things he was not supposed to do.

    If it had been any other youth, that youth would have lost patience due to arrogance and quit the scene to walk away from it but no matter how unreasonable Su Ya's demands had been, Jun Wu had silently carried out her orders to the letter which went beyond Su Ya's expectations.

    This little youth, did not speak much and did not try to butter her up with pretentious flattery, a little idiot that only knew to bury his head down in work.

    Su Ya had watched Jun Wu allow himself to be used and abused everyday and her heart that had been sealed in ice for such a long time then slowly started to melt.

    "You go back and tell Master that this woman here will take in the little kid. One year later, this woman here will return a peerless prodigy to him! If the little fella does not surpass all the disciples that the entire bunch of blockheads he has as teachers so much that they are left in the dust, this woman will then no longer be called Su Ya!" Su Ya proclaimed confidently, her words bold.

    Tian Ze nodded his head vehemently, his heart happy for Jun Wu.

    Su Ya's words were highly arrogant but as Su Ya's junior fellow disciple, Tian Ze knew that within the entire Cloudy Brook Academy, only Su Ya alone would be able to bring those insane words to realization.

    In one year's time, to let Jun Wu become a prodigy that would completely crush all other disciples in the Cloudy Brook Academy. That was Su Ya's promise!

    Su Ya did not lightly commit herself to anything. But as long as she promised it, there was nothing she had failed to achieve before.

    "Alright, you get scram now. This woman is feeling the anger start to rise by seeing that soft and weakly face of yours. Scram! If there's nothing, do not come here to take up this woman's space here!" After Su Ya gave Tian Ze his heart calming "medicine", she immediately issued her eviction orders.

    Tian Ze did not dare tarry another second longer and scrambled his way out of the place, even closing the door behind him carefully as he left.

    Su Ya sat upon the lounge chair and looked at the tightly shut door as she gave out a light sigh. She lowered her head to stare at her own hands. Her face that was tinged with a trace of tipsiness suddenly showed an expression that was not like the usual forlorn look her face usually displayed.

    "Damn it, I feel like I have been scammed once again."

    In the end, she was still going to do what she had not been willing to do before.

    She only hoped that this time, everything would be different.

    Down in the basement, Jun Wu Xie was wiping the wine vats. Initially, she had not been used to the strong scent of wine in the wine cellar. The first few days she had smelt too much of the stench, she had felt her head grow rather woozy. But after some time, she had grown used to it and when she breathed in the fragrance of the wine now, she could actually feel her veins and arteries becoming clear and comfortable.

    As a genius doctor, Jun Wu Xie was highly sensitive to every change that came over her own body.

    She had remained in the wine cellar in the basement for half a month but her veins and arteries had expanded by quite a bit. It was be known that her veins and arteries had already been nurtured by the medicines she had concocted herself which made her much more resilient than an average person. But on top of that resilience, it had increased other aspects which caused Jun Wu Xie to be rather surprised.

    Suddenly, the wine cellar's door opened and Su Ya walked down a few steps before she forced himself to look at Jun Wu wiping the large wine vats, a smile coming into her eyes. That smile disappeared very quickly and her face immediately resumed her look of nonchalance.

    "Jun Wu." Su Ya opened her mouth to say.

    Jun Wu Xie stood up to look towards Su Ya, her eyes questioning.

    "Come up." Upon saying that, Su Ya immediately turned to walk out of the wine cellar and Jun Wu Xie followed behind him.

    Closing the wine cellar's door, Jun Wu Xie stood right before Su Ya, not knowing how the Queen who loved wine more than her life was going to do to torment her further today.
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