Chapter 1553: “Little Fella’s Not Bad (3)”

    Chapter 1553: "Little Fella's Not Bad (3)"

    Closing the wine cellar's door, Jun Wu Xie stood right before Su Ya, not knowing how the Queen who loved wine more than her life was going to do to torment her further today.

    Su Ya looked at Jun Wu Xie, her gaze slowly measuring up the little youth completely from head to toe. After a momentary silence, she finally opened her mouth to say.


    Jun Wu Xie was taken aback.

    Su Ya lifted up her eyebrow in an arch. "Acknowledging a Master needs one to undergo the rites by kneeling. Do you even need this woman to teach you that?"

    [Rites to acknowledge a Master?]

    Jun Wu Xie naturally knew that after going through the rites, Su Ya would then become her Master and not just as a Teacher. That difference in the form of address alone made a world of difference in what their meanings entailed.

    [Does that mean that Su Ya was willing to accept her as a disciple under Su Ya's own name?]

    "What, you're unwilling to?" Not seeing Jun Wu Xie showing any reaction after some time passed, Su Ya said rather impatiently.

    Jun Wu Xie immediately fell to her knees before Su Ya. If it had been someone else, they might have harboured hatred against Su Ya for deliberately making things difficult from them the past few weeks. But Jun Wu Xie had been sharp enough to detect the changes that had come over her meridians which had started to ever since she was made to spend her time in the wine cellar. No matter what kind of motives Su Ya held, Su Ya had truly helped her.

    "My Master above me, please accept a bow from your disciple." Jun Wu Xie said formally to perform the rite of acknowledging her Master. Towards people who treated her sincerely with their hearts, Jun Wu Xie never stinged on her respect towards them.

    "Recognising me as your Master will require you to serve me tea as a form of acknowledgement but this woman here does not appreciate the taste of that. Just give me that jar of wine on the floor over there." Su Ya said.

    Jun Wu Xie stretched her hand out and pulled it over to her, before handing it over to Su Ya.

    That was the wine that Tian Ze had sent over and Su Ya had not even had the time to open its seal.

    Su Ya accepted the jar and hugging the jar, she took a long good pull of that fragrant wine and wiped the back of her hand across her lips, her face breaking into a wide smile.


    It was not known whether that exclamation of approval was for the wine that Tian Ze had brought or for the fact that she had just gotten herself a brand new little disciple.

    "Jun Wu. Remember that from now onwards, you are a disciple of mine, of Su Ya's. As my disciple, there is no need for you to mire yourself in the secular views of the world and there's no need to restrict yourself to those highly tedious and overly elaborate norms. There is but only one thing you must remember clearly!"

    Jun Wu Xie perked up her ears to listen intently.

    "The disciple of Su Ya would never be someone others will be able to bully! When others take advantage of you once, you must repay it to them ten times are least! If you are unable to seek repayment from them, this woman here will make them do it! From now onwards, do not let this woman here see you being bullied and you are the one sitting there to cry your nose red. The only thing you can do in those instances is to beat them up till they cry out for their fathers and mothers. Do you hear me! ?" Su Ya said sternly as she stared at Jun Wu. Her disciple would never ever be bullied by others.

    Those that Jun Wu were able to defeat, he would beat them up himself. Those that he was helpless against, this Master of his would come beat them up senseless!

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Su Ya, a little stunned with shock. These words, they were the first time someone had said something like this to her.

    She had acknowledged two Masters before in her life.

    Yan Bu Gui had been extremely good to her. Though his abilities were limited, he had given her everything he could give up for her.

    The founding Emperor of the Fire Country. When she had acknowledged him, the man had already fallen for many years but Jun Wu Xie had been indebted to him and she had acknowledged him as her Master in respect.

    As for Su Ya, she's Jun Wu Xie's third Master, and the only one that told her, "My disciples cannot be bullied by others. Whoever bullies you and I'll help you claim it all back." as her Master.

    Although Jun Wu Xie had a cold personality, she had still been shocked by Su Ya's words.

    "Alright. Stand up. You will not regret having acknowledged me as your Master." Su Ya said with a smile.

    Seeing that slightly flabbergasted expression on her little disciple's face, Su Ya actually found it rather interesting.

    She could still remember when that person had recognized her as his Master, his highly mournful face had really caused her to.....

    Su Ya shook her head and turned to Jun Wu Xie to say: "Now, follow me up to the Waning Moon Chambers' third floor. From today onwards, you will henceforth go there to learn about powers of the soul."

    The Waning Moon Chamber's third level.

    A place Jun Wu Xie had never gone to before.

    The thing that Su Ya was going to teach her, was actually soul power!
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