Chapter 1554: “Little Fella’s Not Bad (4)”

    Chapter 1554: "Little Fella's Not Bad (4)"

    It was the first time Jun Wu Xie set foot upon the third floor and the state that the third floor was in went far beyond what Jun Wu Xie had expected to see. Within a large spacious room, only one huge water pool stood alone. In that pool, it was dancing with ripples as the thick scent of fragrant wine wafted into Jun Wu Xie's nose.

    In that pool right before her eyes, was filled with fine wine!

    "From now onwards, you must soak yourself within this wine pool for half a day's time everyday. No matter how unwell it makes you feel, you need to stay in there for half a day. For the other half, you can practice your ability up here on the third floor." Su Ya said as she looked at Jun Wu Xie. She then paused a moment as she gauged the tiny sized Jun Wu Xie before she said: "Of course, you can choose to soak in there wearing your clothes."

    Jun Wu Xie turned her head to look at Su Ya. She did not really mind it all that much as they were both girls. She did not mind exposing anything before Su Ya but it was clear that Su Ya cared for this little "shy" disciple of hers.

    After giving a few more instructions to Jun Wu Xie, Su Ya went downstairs, leaving Jun Wu Xie to manage her time on her own.

    Jun Wu Xie removed her outer robe and wore only her under clothes as she stepped into the cool and refreshing wine. The wine in the pool had turned a little chilly suddenly immersing herself inside it sent a shiver running through Jun Wu Xie. The thick heavy fragrance of the wine pervaded the air around and Jun Wu Xie sat herself down inside the pool after her body had adjusted to the temperature of the wine.

    The pool wasn't too deep, not even reaching a metre's height. When Jun Wu Xie sat down, the water's surface just reached her chin, reaching just about two fingers' width below her lips.

    Based just by feel, the wine did not feel much different from water. Jun Wu Xie did not understand why Su Ya would say that this place might make anyone feel unwell.

    Jun Wu Xie calmed her mind and just soaked herself within the pool.

    Before Su Ya left, she had said that while Jun Wu Xie soaked herself, Jun Wu Xie was to constantly release her soul power outwards but the way Jun Wu Xie used soul power was actually power converted from her spirit power. As to what soul power really was, she did not know, hence, she could only attempt by pushing her spirit power outwards.

    And while she was releasing her spirit power out, a rather amazing change came over her body.

    As spirit power dispersed out from her body, the wine that completely surrounded Jun Wu Xie, that was stuck so closely against her skin felt like it was slowly seeping into her. That feeling of icy chill on her skin slowly spreading to every single nerve, immersing every one cell within her in wine. In just a little while, Jun Wu Xie had not released that much spirit power yet when her body suddenly showed signs of exhaustion and weakness like she would when her powers had been fully depleted.

    He situation rather surprised Jun Wu Xie, her body feeling like something had drained her out completely but the spirit power was still strong within her meridians.

    The slight chill turned into a bone biting cold. It was already blossoming with spring and flowers bloomed outside but Jun Wu Xie felt like she was caught within a raging blizzard, feeling so cold that the blood in her lips faded away in an instant.

    But Jun Wu Xie did not move herself in the slightest and did not use her spirit power to block out that biting chill but merely silently endured it all.

    Su Ya must have her own reasons for asking her to do this. Since this was cultivation, it would naturally not be all that comfortable. In order for her to gain more power and might, Jun Wu Xie did not mind enduring all of it.

    Time passed by the seconds and then went into minutes. Jun Wu Xie quietened her heart and mind, concentrating her focus upon her spirit power, trying her hardest to disregard the discomfort her body was feeling.

    When her heart was completely calmed, that biting chill then seemed to have become not that unbearable.

    Her Purple Spirit power was being pushed out bit by bit, and that was just the beginning.
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