Chapter 1555: “Play A Little With You (1)”

    Chapter 1555: "Play A Little With You (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie's life in the Cloudy Brook Academy was gradually being changed subtly and her task at the Waning Moon Chambers everyday was to cultivate. She was needed to clean up the place a little occasionally but most of the time, Su Ya wanted Jun Wu Xie to spend all her energy upon her cultivation.

    Steeped under that air so densely filled with the scent of wine daily, Jun Wu Xie seemed to have gradually developed a stronger resistance against the fumes of the wine and no longer felt woozy that easily anymore.

    But, soaking herself almost entirely in wine and it was for half a day at a time, even if Jun Wu Xie brought clean clothes to change everyday, the scent of wine that remained on her skin still could not be rid, to the extent that when she walked through the grounds of the Cloudy Brook Academy everyday, many of the youths could smell that strong scent of wine from her body for a long way off.

    The words about Jun Wu Xie grew more more harsh, sweeping over the entire Cloudy Brook Academy like a powerful surging tide. Not only the freshmen who had just been admitted into the academy knew about it, even the seniors gradually came to catch wind of Jun Wu Xie's "glorious exploits". Throughout the whole Cloudy Brook Academy from the top to the bottom, everyone knew of that piece of useless trash that possessed merely average powers and had just depended on the traits of his unique race to gain entry into the Cloudy Brook Academy. He was also the first one, throughout the entire history of the Cloudy Brook Academy, to be disregarded by the academy, and left to live or perish on his own.

    All those highly unkind discussions stomped Jun Wu Xie's reputation right into the mud, the words growing more and more excessive that made people subconsciously overlook the fact that Jun Wu Xie was the first person ever to have received the invitations of all Twelve Palaces as well.

    The freshmen from the Blood Fiend Palace, would always go help Jun Wu Xie "fortify and strengthen" Jun Wu Xie's dismal reputation, regardless of who it was that spoke ill of Jun Wu Xie, they would always use the same line to rebut them, bringing up the fact that Jun Wu Xie was unique and one of a kind, which just caused the people from the other palaces to become more and more disgusted with Jun Wu Xie.

    From initially just ignoring, to become genuinely hostile. Every single day when Jun Wu Xie returned, the front of her door was always filled with rubbish and even the face of the door had been deeply scratched with something sharp, with characters that read "rubbish", "trash", and other insulting and degrading words, the voice that taunted and ridiculed her never ceasing for a moment.

    Towards all that, Jun Wu Xie had never shown any reaction at all.

    Till one day, when a pile of food trash that had gone bad was thrown outside her door and the face was her door was smeared with absolute filth.

    Jun Wu Xie's brows finally creased up and under the sniggles of a group of people, she opened her door and walked inside.

    "Meow my whiskers off! Those people are really becoming too much!" Immediately upon entering the room, the little black cat could not hold itself back and it leapt out, pacing angrily upon the table as it flashed its sharp claws out.

    Jun Wu Xie had not held it against those rascally kids because she had not seen the need to and she also did not have the leisure nor time to. These youths who had not even set foot within the Twelve Palaces were not even worth her making a single move against them.

    But even a clay figurine retains some of the fire from the kiln.

    Jun Wu Xie had been able to disregard the other things they had done, but when the highly nauseating stench continued to seep through the gaps in the door inside, that had made Jun Wu Xie became rather annoyed.

    "I think Mistress really should show them a thing or two, this entire bunch of little bastards who do not know who they're dealing with!" The little black cat was so angry that it scratched at the table with its claws, which gave out a highly ear piercing noise. Throughout this period, if Jun Wu Xie had not held them back, just Ye Sha and Ye Gu had wanted to send this whole bunch of scoundrels right into hell so many times. But those wretched kids had not only not toned down, they had even carried things further.

    They were just carrying bullying to an intolerable level.

    Jun Wu Xie sat by the table, her brows creased together as she stared at the tightly shut door. Even if she could not see it, someone else must be up to mischief again outside that door.
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