Chapter 1556: “Play A Little With You (2)”

    Chapter 1556: "Play A Little With You (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie sat by the table, her brows creased together as she stared at the tightly shut door. Even if she could not see it, someone else must be up to mischief again outside that door.

    That the freshmen of the Cloudy Brook Academy would be unhappy with her, she could understand it fully as she had guessed at such a result from the beginning. Before all this happened, Jun Wu Xie had prepared herself to a certain extent. She had planned to reveal her inestimable value before the Elders of the Twelve Palaces, that would make her untouchable and to instead try all ways and means to win her over, which her plan had perfectly achieved initially.

    In the beginning, those youths had indeed adhered to the instructions the various palaces had given them, none of them daring to find any trouble with Jun Wu Xie blatantly. As for the debates and conflicting words among them, Jun Wu Xie could not be bothered about it.

    But things began to change when the Blood Fiend Palace's strange actions started.

    If the situation had remained to be like it had from the beginning, no one would have dared to defy the instructions given to them by the palaces they belonged to and carried things too far with Jun Wu Xie. But the Blood Fiend Palace's constant "protection" of her had provoked and incited the emotions of the hot blooded youths to the extreme.

    As youths who were more prone to hot bloodedness and exuberance than logic, being fanned up by people in such a manner, how could they be expected to still remember the instructions they had been given some time ago? The fact that they had not gotten into a fight with Jun Wu Xie directly was already considered to be the greatest extent of rationality they were capable of.

    But even though that was the case, Jun Wu Xie's life had been greatly disrupted.

    The reason for all of this, was something Jun Wu XIe already knew.

    It was just a ploy by the Blood Fiend Palace, wishfully thinking that by isolating her from all the others and when she was being attacked on all sides by enemies, they could then show up as a saviour, to then gain her favour.

    It must be said, that though the ploy was vicious, they had at least been seen to have used their brains a little.


    Jun Wu Xie's eyes then narrowed up dangerously.

    People who seeked to make use of her, must be fully prepared to be used back by her.

    An icy chill flashed within Jun Wu Xie's eyes. She stood up suddenly and walked out of the door. All the youths who had been gathered along the corridor to watch the show did not show the slightest tinge of remorse when they saw Jun Wu Xie come out, sinister smiles still hanging from their faces.

    Jun Wu Xie's face was cold as she walked to stand in front of Gu Xin Yan's door, and rapped loudly upon it before everyone there.

    The instant Gu Xin Yan opened her door, she immediately saw Jun Wu with his delicate features standing before her door without any expression on his face. Having Jun Wu appear before her door made Gu Xin Yan showed a glint of surprise within her eyes.

    It must be known that for the past few months, she had tried so hard to pull her relationship with Jun Wu closer and she had often gone up to the kid's door in visit. But she had not even been able to win even the slightest smile from Jun Wu, not to mention having him come to her door in reciprocation. Jun Wu had never once come to seek her on his own initiative.

    But today, Jun Wu had actually come to knock upon her door on his own accord!

    That was something that Gu Xin Yan had not expected at all.

    "Jun Wu? Is there anything you need from me?" Although surprised by Jun Wu's actions, Gu Xin Yan was however still able to portray a highly bright smile upon her face.

    Regardless of what Jun Wu had come to seek her for, at least Jun Wu had taken this one first step!

    "Have you got time?" Jun Wu Xie asked calmly.

    Gu Xin Yan immediately nodded.

    "Take a walk with me." Jun Wu Xie said, extending an invitation to Gu Xin Yan.

    Shock immediately showed on Gu Xin Yan's face. Jun Wu was inviting her to go for a walk? This..... really gave Gu Xin Yan quite a shock.

    But before Gu Xin Yan was able to give any reaction, Jun Wu had already turned himself around and walked towards the outside.

    Gu Xin Yan was not willing to even delay a moment and she quickly rushed to catch up.

    All the youths standing along the corridor stared in shock as they watched Jun Wu and Gu Xin Yan walking one behind the other past them, and the youths' eyes filled up with incredulity.
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