Chapter 1557: “Play A Little With You (3)”

    Chapter 1557: "Play A Little With You (3)"

    Gu Xin Yan's identity was known to most of the freshmen and even if they were not subservient to the Blood Fiend Palace, they would still not dare to offend Gu Xin Yan carelessly. Afterall, comparing a new recruit to the daughter of a Palace Lord, the disparity in status was one that could never be bridged. When the other youths saw Gu Xin Yan, though they were not as serville as the youths from the Blood Fiend Palace, they still at least greeted her with a smiling face. Added to that, Gu Xin Yan looked very beautiful and among all the girls who were new like them, Gu Xin Yan was among the prettiest of the lot.

    Towards Gu Xin Yan, the freshmen youths only felt much envy and admiration.

    Even when the people from the Blood Fiend Palace had defended Jun Wu Xie before, Gu Xin Yan had not come forth much, which just made everyone admire Gu Xin Yan even more as they thought that she did not like Jun Wu all that much like them, but now.....

    [Jun Wu had barely spoken two sentences to Gu Xin Yan, a total of just nine words and Gu Xin Yan had immediately decided to follow that kid just like that? !]

    [What kind of a situation was that! ?]

    [That was the Young Miss of the Blood Fiend Palace you know! ?]

    [Just two statement from Jun Wu and he has managed to bring her away?]

    The entire bunch of youths nearly suffered internal injuries from holding themselves back from bursting out.

    Jun Wu Xie walked out of the loft building very quickly, to walk towards a quiet and tranquil spot within the Cloudy Brook Academy. It was just about dusk and the glorious slanting rays of evening spilled across the ground, shrouding the majestic white loft building in an intoxicating warm shade, while several disciples who had just concluded their cultivation training were just returning.

    When Jun Wu Xie's gaze spotted a certain tall figure among the youths, she gradually slowed down her speed as she continued to move forward.

    Lin Hao Yu was just returning from training and he was with several other hot blooded youths. Similar to Gu Xin Yan, they were from the main branch of the Blood Fiend Palace. His Grandfather was an Elder in the Blood Fiend Palace and it could be said that he grew up together with Gu Xin Yan from a very young age. Gu Xin Yan's identity as the Young Miss of the Blood Fiend Palace had made other youths constantly eager to please her and Lin Hao Yu's identity had those youths willing to flatter him endlessly.

    Lin Hao Yu was all smiles as he enjoyed the flattery the youths around him was heaping onto him but he suddenly saw Jun Wu appear and the smile on his face changed subtly.

    He knew exactly what kind of situation Jun Wu was in during that period as all the "protection" of Jun Wu by the youths from the Blood Fiend Palace were all acting under his instructions. He fully understood what kind of results all that "protection" would ultimately bring to Jun Wu.

    [Jun Wu's days in here must have been quite a torment!]

    And what pleased Lin Hao Yu even more was that Jun Wu's personality was cold and distant, and the kid had not shown the slightest sign of caving in even after so long. That had just given Lin Hao Yu more reason to torment Jun Wu, without needing him to be worried about Gu Xin Yan blaming him for it.

    Seeing the state Jun Wu was in, just led Lin Hao Yu to be absolutely filled with delight.

    [So what if he's the only person from the Spirit Mastery race?]

    [That kid's just a moron who does not possess enough brains. He had only needed to use his brain a little and that kid was about to be played to death by him!]

    But as Lin Hao Yu smiled, soon, he discovered that he could no longer smile out anymore!

    Because he soon saw Gu Xin Yan chasing with quick steps after Jun Wu. Jun Wu seemed like he was willing to wait for her as he stood in his spot for a brief moment, till Gu Xin Yan caught up to him, before he saw the two of them departing from his line of sight together as a pair.

    Under the beautiful setting sun, the sight of the back view of that youth and the young girl walking shoulder to shoulder was suddenly like a hot branding iron, that burnt Lin Hao Yu's eyes.

    [That was the scene that he was most unwilling to see!]

    "Damn it." Lin Hao Yu cursed in a soft voice.

    He did not understand what had actually happened. Why had Jun Wu who had not paid Gu Xin Yan any heed till yesterday suddenly came to be walking together with Gu Xin Yan today. He knew clearly that throughout the implementation of his plan, the relationship between Gu Xin Yan and Jun Wu Xie had not progressed in anyway.
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