Chapter 1559: “Pay One Back in His Own Coin (2)”

    Chapter 1559: "Pay One Back in His Own Coin (2)"

    Gu Xin Yan looked at Jun Wu Xie as she put her hand down.

    "And then?" She really couldn't understand what Jun Wu wanted.

    Jun Wu Xie then asked: "Can I touch?"

    "....." [It's not enough seeing it and you still want to touch? Although Gu Xin Yan was grumbling to herself in her heart, she still nodded her head, but she also reminded Jun Wu: "The whip's edges are very sharp. Don't hurt yourself."

    It wasn't that Gu Xin Yan despised Jun Wu Xie, but because weapon Ring Spirits were sharper and their edges more honed than regular weapons. Describing her Ring Spirit as one that cut through steel like mud would not be an exaggeration at all.

    With Gu Xin Yan's permission, Jun Wu Xie then touched the razor sharp and highly flexible whip. It was cold to the touch and was a strange pulsing power could be felt emanating from it.

    That feeling was something that Jun Wu Xie had not experienced before and though she had known several people who possessed weapon Ring Spirits before with Mo Qian Yuan being one of them. She had touched his Ring Spirit before but it had just felt cold and was not all that much different from regular weapons.

    But now, she could detect a weak trace of power on the weapon ring spirit.

    [What is this?]

    Jun Wu Xie did not know.

    Under Gu Xin Yan's gaze, Jun Wu Xie pulled out a flask of water and a paintbrush before she raised up her head to look at Gu Xin Yan.

    "The Spirit Mastery race possesses the Spirit Reinforcement ability but I do not know many people who possess weapon Ring Spirits and I have never tried to see if Spirit Reinforcement works on a weapon Ring Spirit. Are you willing to let me give it a try?" Jun Wu Xie asked in a highly calm and composed voice.

    But after hearing that, Gu Xin Yan was not able to continue to remain calm any longer.

    She had heard about Jun Wu's Spirit Reinforcement but Jun Wu had only used Spirit Reinforcement in the Innate Gift competition. Unless someone was present at that place, or any other person would not have had a chance to witness it. Gu Xin Yan had been at the Ring Spirit competition venue at that time and only participants competing at that venue were allowed to enter the respective premises. Hence, Gu Xin Yan had never seen what Spirit Reinforcement was really like.

    Towards Spirit Reinforcement, Gu Xin Yan had heard a lot about it and only knew that it was an amazing phenomenon, which had piqued her interest quite a bit.

    She had never once thought that Jun Wu Xie would actually have an intention to use Spirit Reinforcement on her Ring Spirit.

    She stood there stunned for a moment before Gu Xin Yan nodded in agreement.

    "Sure you can!"

    For a person from a unique race that was willing to show his ability before another person, it was something very hard to come by. Jun Wu's words had not only presented Gu Xin Yan with an opportunity to witness Spirit Reinforcement but had also made Gu Xin Yan feel that the change that had come over Jun Wu Xie might be a sign that Jun Wu was relenting towards her?

    In the Cloudy Brook Academy, Jun Wu had never chatted with anyone else and had never interacted with another disciple among them all. Today, Jun Wu had not only invited her to stroll around the Academy's grounds but had even offered to show Spirit Reinforcement right before her eyes.

    How could such a big change not make Gu Xin Yan excited?

    Looks like Lin Hao Yu's plan had succeeded and Jun Wu was no longer as resolute as he was before.

    Her heart secretly filled with glee, Gu Xin Yan did not reveal the slightest sign of it on her face, looking just as sincerely amicable as before.

    Having gotten Gu Xin Yan's acknowledgement, Jun Wu Xie did not waste any more time and she immediately crafted a set of Spirit Reinforcement runes upon Gu Xin Yan's weapon Ring Spirit.

    In the instant Jun Wu Xie finished her last brush stroke, a streak of flames suddenly spread over the entire length of the whip, it's scarlet blazing fire enveloping the entire silver long whip to give out a wave of scorching heat!

    The moment she saw the flames, Gu Xin Yan's heart jumped, highly startled and she nearly dropped the whip she held in her hand. But when the flames reached the end of the whip at the handle and came into contact with her hand, Gu Xin Yan did not feel the slightest bit of pain from being burnt.
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