Chapter 1560: “Pay One Back in His Own Coin (3)”

    Chapter 1560: "Pay One Back in His Own Coin (3)"

    No pain, and no scorching burn.

    Gu Xin Yan stared at the flames that blazed so close to her, almost unable to believe everything that she was seeing.

    She could distinctly feel the high heat from the flames but it was not burning her in anyway.

    [This was just too amazing!]

    [This is Spirit Reinforcement?]

    Still slightly traumatised by shock, Gu Xin Yan's arm trembled and she gripped at the long whip with both her hands. The long whip then flashed with light for any instant to transform itself into a pair of dual swords!

    The scorching flames shrouded over both blades and Gu Xin Yan was unable to restrain herself from twirling her dual swords in a dance as the raging flames drew fiery arcs in the air, trailing behind the slashing blades.

    Moments later, the flames faded off and the twin swords in her hands reverted back to the way they looked before.

    It was just a short period of transformation but it had left an indelible mark upon Gu Xin Yan's heart. She stared at the dual swords in her hands for a rather long time, feeling somewhat speechless, not knowing what to say.

    She finally understood why the Elder had instructed her to try everything she could to win Jun Wu over to the Blood Fiend Palace just before she was admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    The capability of Spirit Reinforcement, had completely overturned all that she had thought she knew.

    Even though the effects had lasted only for a short period, but who could ascertain that its effects could not be prolonged? If various attributes like this could be imbued onto Ring Spirits, that was as good as raising their battle might by several times!

    Powerful transformations such as this would be impossible even for the most talented Ring Forgers!

    "This is the Spirit Mastery race's Spirit Reinforcement?" Gu Xin Yan raised up her head, the sparkle of excitement showing in her eyes not feigned. She was really surprised by the effects of Spirit Reinforcement.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. Compared to Gu Xin Yan's excited self, Jun Wu Xie's reaction was a whole lot calmer. She seemed to be deep in thought about something as she looked at the twin swords in Gu Xin Yan's hands as she said: "Looks like Spirit Reinforcement can be used upon weapon Ring Spirits as well. But I do not know whether every kind of Spirit Reinforcement will work just as well....."

    "You can take your time to try!" Gu Xin Yan said suddenly, her voice tinged with a trace of eagerness.

    The effects of Spirit Reinforcement had startled her which just made her even more determined to pull Jun Wu into the Blood Fiend Palace. If she were to succeed in winning Jun Wu over to join the Blood Fiend Palace, then when the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demon Palace competed for the first spot among the Twelve Palaces, it would definitely become a great boost to them!

    Gu Xin Yan was filled with anticipation towards Spirit Reinforcement and she was only too glad to help Jun Wu with his doubts. That would not only allow her to understand Spirit Reinforcement better, it would create an opportunity to increase the amount of time spent between her and Jun Wu, making it easier for her to pull the relationship between her and Jun Wu closer.

    The best of both worlds, why not?

    "Wouldn't that be troublesome?" Jun Wu Xie did not reject immediately but just looked at Gu Xin Yan a little apprehensively.

    Gu Xin Yan immediately shook her head. "No trouble at all! We are friends, are we not?" Gu Xin Yan smiled brilliantly. She was feeling very glad that the choice she made in the beginning had been right. If she had not worked to initiate contact with Jun Wu right from the beginning, Jun Wu would not have thought of seeking her help to test out Spirit Reinforcement. And if Lin Hao Yu had not isolated Jun Wu, she would not have had this opportunity!

    This was the first time that Gu Xin Yan felt that Lin Hao Yu's mind was rather bright.

    Seeing Gu Xin Yan being so passionate about it, Jun Wu Xie then agreed to it, looking rather apprehensive.

    While Gu Xin Yan was thinking that she had finally found a crack in the ice and her face was filled with smiles, she failed to notice that in Jun Wu Xie's eyes, a cold icy glint flashed.
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