Chapter 1562: “Let’s Have a Good Game (1)”

    Chapter 1562: "Let's Have a Good Game (1)"

    Ever since Gu Xin Yan agreed that she could "help" Jun Wu Xie test out the various effects that Spirit Reinforcement had on a weapon Ring Spirit, the two of them had then made an arrangement to meet after their cultivation training ended everyday, to carry out the tests.

    And how could that obvious change escape Lin Hao Yu notice.

    Lin Hao Yu was still secretly beside himself with glee at how seamlessly his plan had been carried out when just the next day, Gu Xin Yan came in bringing "good news" and that was when he really understood what it meant to be slapped across the face.

    The big smile upon his good looking face immediately crumbled. Only the Heavens knew when Gu Xin Yan was elatedly and very excitedly telling him everything with a happy tinkle in her voice, just how intense the hatred had grown to become in his heart!

    [How did it turn out like this?]

    [Jun Wu had really chosen to become so friendly with Gu Xin Yan?]

    It was obvious that Lin Hao Yu come not accept such a turn of events. He had previously paid special attention to Jun Wu for a period and had found that Jun Wu had a highly cold and indifferent personality, a stubborn boned kid that did not care about what the world thought. Even when he was put under all that harsh treatment from all the other disciples of the Cloudy Brook Academy, Jun Wu had not even shown a single trace of weakness, which had reaffirmed Lin Hao Yu's assessment of him.


    How could Lin Hao Yu ever have thought! ? That things were not turning out as he had predicted.

    Jun Wu still showed no signs of weakness, but he was becoming closer and closer to Gu Xin Yan! !

    At that moment, Lin Hao Yu suddenly had a feeling that he had lifted up a rock only to drop it onto his own foot. He could not help but think that if he had not seeked to life miserable for Jun Wu, wanting to make the kid suffer, would Jun Wu just continue to maintain that highly unapproachable face and not become close to Gu Xin Yan?

    The more he thought about it, the more Lin Hao Yu regretted his actions, his regret so strong his intestines were twisting up in agony.

    If he had known this would happen, he would rather not have stuck his nose into this matter and just the relationship between Jun Wu and Gu Xin Yan remain the way it had been, and wait for Gu Xin Yan to tire of trying when things have dragged on for a longer period of time.

    Unfortunately, not matter how much Lin Hao Yu regretted it, the fact was things had already become like this.

    After Gu Xin Yan finished her cultivation training everyday, she no longer spent time with him discussing about the affairs of the Blood Fiend Palace but had always made arrangements to meet up Jun Wu to go somewhere with a bright smile upon her face.

    Every time he saw that, Lin Hao Yu just could not help but feel like he was about to vomit out blood!

    The kind of feelings he felt towards Gu Xin Yan, couldn't possibly be any more obvious. How was he expected to be able to endure seeing Gu Xin Yan go out with someone else so intimately?

    However, Lin Hao Yu could not say these words to Gu Xin Yan.

    And what made it worse that devastated Lin Hao Yu even further was after Gu Xin Yan became closer to Jun Wu, Gu Xin Yan issued orders to all the disciples of the Blood Fiend Palace that they were all to stop making things worse for Jun Wu. If anyone went on to curse or admonish Jun Wu, they were all to deal with it with an attitude of an ally of Jun Wu, and not continue to set him up on the sly.

    The youths from the Blood Fiend Palace had no way of defying Gu Xin Yan's orders and the situation became one that tied the Blood Fiend Palace together with Jun Wu.

    With Gu Xin Yan frequently appearing together with Jun Wu before everyone's eyes, the eyes of the disciples from the other palaces became strange.

    The Blood Fiend Palace had worked hard to build up an illusion that they were all out to defend Jun Wu before this and now that Gu Xin Yan was seen to be getting close to Jun Wu, it made everyone believe what their eyes were seeing.

    Now when they were all cursing Jun Wu, the Blood Fiend Palace was also dragged into their admonishments.

    And would the youths from the Blood Fiend Palaces be able to tolerate being pointed in their noses and be chided by all the others?

    Suddenly, not only did Jun Wu Xie's situation not improve, but the Blood Fiend Palace had even been dragged into the mud together and was being besieged on all sides by people from the other eleven palaces.

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