Chapter 1562: “Let’s Have a Good Game (2)”

    Chapter 1562: "Let's Have a Good Game (2)"

    Such a situation, was something that Lin Hao Yu would not have even dreamed of.

    Gu Xin Yan became closer and closer to Jun Wu Xie and the two of them would get together almost everyday to study Spirit Reinforcement. Jun Wu Xie did not speak much and she usually took action most of the time instead of using words to express herself. in the initial stages, Gu Xin Yan would still try to say a few words to Jun Wu Xie, but as time went by, it might be due to her being influenced by Jun Wu Xie as Gu Xin Yan also subconsciously chose to be silent like Jun Wu Xie.

    With the kind of silence they so often were in when they met, Gu Xin Yan gradually came to accept that as the norm, to the extent that she became highly comfortable with it.

    Although Gu Xin Yan was the Young Miss of the Blood Fiend Palace and had already long been used to using deception to face all kinds of matters, but what could not be denied was that she was in the end still just a young teenage girl and her base nature allowed her to enjoy such a simple and uncomplicated way of interacting with someone else.

    Afterall, nobody would be happy having to live everyday, constantly being wary and scheming.

    On this day, Gu Xin Yan and Jun Wu Xie met to study the use of several types of Spirit Reinforcement. The more Gu Xin Yan understood Spirit Reinforcement, the more she became unwilling to give up on Jun Wu. Spirit Reinforcement became too important. But at the same time, she also understood that the use of Spirit Reinforcement was not without its limits. Regardless of the time those effects lasted, or the number of times it was used, they all caused a huge drain on Jun Wu.

    Hence, everytime Jun Wu Xie said to stop, Gu Xin Yan would not raise any objections.

    But of course what Gu Xin Yan did not know, was the exhaustion that Jun Wu showed everyday, could in reality be a pretence that Jun Wu Xie put forth.

    Back before she had come to the Middle Realm, Jun Wu Xie had still not been able to grasp the kind of drain Spirit Reinforcement took on her. But over this period of time, with her having been made to immerse herself within the wine pool, Jun Wu Xie came to discover that when she used Spirit Reinforcement, the drain upon her body had reduced quite significantly. The powers that could only sustain one use of Spirit Reinforcement in the past could now support three, which was a change that surprised Jun Wu Xie rather much.

    It became clear to see that Su Ya's way of cultivation training had not gone to waste on her.

    "Jun Wu, do you want to rest for a while?" Gu Xin Yan said, looking at Jun Wu's slightly pale countenance, and could not help but asked worriedly.

    In the beginning, the concern she showed had been hypocritical and she had only done that only seeking to win Jun Wu over, a petty trick she employed. But it was not known from when it had started that her concern towards Jun Wu became something that spilled forth so highly naturally, to the extent that Gu Xin Yan did not wish for Jun Wu to overexert himself so much like that, thinking that having the two of them meet to just stroll around and do nothing was rather good as well.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. "I'm fine."

    Gu Xin Yan pursed her lips and said: "You don't look too well. Could you have overextended yourself recently? Why don't..... we take one day's rest tomorrow?" These words had genuinely stemmed from Gu Xin Yan's concern and she felt a little pained when she saw the slightly pale shade on Jun Wu's face.

    That was a kind of feeling that Gu Xin Yan had never felt before.

    Jun Wu Xie did not reply but worked on catching her breath. From what Gu Xin Yan could see, Jun Wu looked highly exhausted but only Jun Wu Xie herself knew that she was in reality checking on the kind of changes to her spirit powers within her body.

    Gu XIn Yan did not dare to interrupt Jun Wu trying to recover himself and she took out her hanky and very naturally stretched her hand out to wipe at the beads of perspiration on Jun Wu's forehead.

    "What are both of you doing! ?" Suddenly, a roar of rage sounded out from the side.

    Lin Hao Yu's face was one of rage as he stared at the seemingly intimate pair of Jun Wu and Gu Xin Yan.
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