Chapter 1563: “Let’s Have a Good Game (3)”

    Chapter 1563: "Let's Have a Good Game (3)"

    Lin Hao Yu's face was one of rage as he stared at the seemingly intimate pair of Jun Wu and Gu Xin Yan.

    Gu Xin Yan was startled and she jumped from the shout from Lin Hao Yu. Her actions froze awkwardly for a moment before she realized that actions had gone beyond what she would have done usually.

    Jun Wu Xie looked calmly at Lin Hao Yu who was looking absolutely livid with jealous rage.

    Right from the start when the youths from all the other palaces had begun to make things difficult for her, Jun Wu Xie had realized that all of that had been due to Lin Hao Yu's actions that was instigating all of it. On the surface, Lin Hao Yu had not seemed to show any discrimination but how could Jun Wu Xie not be able to see the hatred he hid beneath that facade of peace.

    Those eyes of Lin Hao Yu had never once showed her any friendliness.

    Lin Hao Yu's face had turned an extremely ugly shade. He knew that Jun Wu and Gu Xin Yan had made arrangements to meet and knew where they would be. But despite him having brought up his request several times to witness for himself the uniqueness of Spirit Reinforcement, he had been tactfully rejected by Gu Xin Yan as many times.

    Initially, Gu Xin Yan had only said that she did not want to cause Jun Wu to become wary, afraid that with another person there, Jun Wu might get uncomfortable and withdraw back into his shell.

    But thereafter, Gu Xin Yan's rejections grew to have no specific reasons being given, her words making Lin Hao Yu feel that Gu Xin Yan just did not want another person to appear between her and Jun Wu.

    A young youth in love, was just so sensitive to these things.

    How could he not see the kind of change in Gu Xin Yan towards Jun Wu?

    If it was said that Gu Xin Yan had initially been doing that seeking only to gain more power for the Blood Fiend Palace, Lin Hao Yu could still make himself hold back and tolerate it. But as he saw Gu Xin Yan's objective gradually changing before his eyes, and the way she gazed upon Jun Wu was no longer hypocritical, Lin Hao Yu began to find it hard to contain himself any longer.

    He just could not understand how a thin and frail looking youth with such an ordinary looking countenance could compare to him in anyway?

    How could it make Gu Xin Yan disregard him who had been standing by her side all this while, to instead fall to like such a useless piece of trash?

    Lin Hao Yu's heart was filled with regret. If he had known from the beginning that his plan would end up pulling Gu Xin Yan and Jun Wu Xie so close together, even if you beat him to death, he would never choose to do it.

    And right on this day when Lin Hao Yu saw with his own eyes how tender Gu Xin Yan was being towards Jun Wu, his heart had felt like someone had slashed him viciously across his heart, resentment and hatred tearing right at his soul, making him wish for nothing more than to immediately tear Jun Wu up into a million pieces!

    "Why have you come here?" The hand Gu Xin Yan was holding the hanky with came down, and the tone of her voice was different from the gentle one she had used when facing Jun Wu when she spoke, now tinged with a trace that sounded somewhat distant.

    Lin Hao Yu struggled to suppress the resentment in his heart and he forced a rather stiff smile onto his face. "I heard from Li Yue earlier that your teacher was looking for you earlier, hence, I came over to ask you to go see him."

    Gu Xin Yan looked at Lin Hao Yu rather doubtfully before she reasoned that he would have no reason to lie about that and she then believed him.

    When she turned her head back towards Jun Wu, her face broke into a brilliant smile once more and said: "Jun Wu, I need to go now for today. You're not really feeling well and you should go get some rest. Let's not do this tomorrow and let your body rest a few days. Anyway, we have many more days ahead of us here and there will be many more opportunities for us to continue this."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly.

    Lin Hao Yu had to fight to push down the rage in his heart once more. Gu Xin Yan's smile was just so beautiful at that moment but that beauty had not blossomed because of him. Her every crease of the brows and wrinkle around her lips in smile just seemed to burn his eyes.

    [Why was it..... not him?]

    Gu Xin Yan left very soon after, leaving only Lin Hao Yu and Jun Wu Xie to stand in that spot.
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