Chapter 1564: “Let’s Have a Good Game (4)”

    Chapter 1564: "Let's Have a Good Game (4)"

    When the back of Gu Xin Yan had disappeared from their sight, the stiff smile on Lin Hao Yu's face faded away together with it. His face became dark as he looked at Jun Wu who was preparing to leave.

    "Jun Wu! Stay right there!" Lin Hao Yu's tone was somewhat unfriendly.

    Jun Wu Xie paused slightly with her steps and turned to look at Lin Hao Yu whose eyes were flashing with jealous rage.

    "I heard from Gu Xin Yan that the Spirit Reinforcement is highly unique and not something that any other races possess. But regretfully, I have not been able to witness it at all. Since I happen to be here today, won't you demonstrate it for me today?" Lin Hao Yu said as he looked at Jun Wu Xie with a smile only on the surface but felt no mirth inside.

    Jun Wu Xie's cold gaze swept over Lin Hao Yu and she completely ignored his request.

    Being looked at with such contempt by a kid that he himself despised, the rage in Lin Hao Yu's heart surged to new heights. He secretly clenched his jaws as he stared at the side of Jun Wu's cold and icy face.

    "What? Do you think me not worth your attention or do you feel that you only need to latch on tightly to Gu Xin Yan's thigh and you can live your life without any worries?" Lin Hao Yu said with a sneering laugh.

    "If you do not have that great capabilities, then you should not put on such a brave front in the beginning. Wouldn't it be easier for you if you had submitted earlier? If not for the fact that our people from the Blood Fiend Palace had been defending you from the back, you would not have been able to get out through that door of yours these past few days. So do not come here acting all high and mighty before me now. You should be glad that you belong to such a unique race and is still of some use to the Blood Fiend Palace. When others from the Spirit Mastery race appear in the world in the future, do you think that someone like you whose hands can't lift and shoulders which can't hold any load would still be of any value?" Lin Hao Yu had suppressed his rage for too long and all traces of coolheadedness in him had been completely shattered when he saw the tender concern Gu Xin Yan had shown Jun Wu.

    Gu Xin Yan only wanted to Jun Wu to join the Blood Fiend Palace and he wanted to just take the kid down a peg or two so he wouldn't continue to put on such airs. Gu Xin Yan would then not need to demean herself by mixing with such lowly company like this kid.

    "As fellow disciples in the Cloudy Brook Academy, I am just being nice to remind you that while you are still valued, you should grab at the opportunity and not wait till it's all gone before you turn your head back and bemoan the loss. By that time, no one would want a useless piece of trash at all." Lin Hao Yu was being extremely harsh with his words, but if not for his consideration towards Gu Xin Yan, he would really have raised his hand to strike at Jun Wu.

    It wasn't that he did not understand what kind of benefits such a highly unique race could bring to the Blood Fiend Palace. It was just that he could not stand seeing how close Jun Wu and Gu Xin Yan were becoming. Every time he saw that calm and unflustered face of Jun Wu, he would always be filled with the urge to go tear that face to shreds.

    Jun Wu Xie listened quietly to Lin Hao Yu words that were filled with sarcasm. The person who had been secretly pushing things from behind, seeking to drive her into the eye of the storm had finally been unable to hold himself back any longer and Gu Xin Yan had innocuously been played as the catalyst.

    Admiring the sight of Lin Hao Yu being so highly flustered and exasperated, but could still not do anything to her, greatly satisfied Jun Wu Xie.


    This was still not enough.

    "You've finished?" Jun Wu Xie asked calm and unfettered, like all those words Lin Hao Yu had said to her earlier had not worked in the slightest.

    Lin Hao Yu's face stiffened, and his face became so dark that it looked rather terrifying.

    "If you do not like it, you can very well ask Gu Xin Yan to stay away from me. That is if you have what it takes to do that." Jun Wu Xie said as her eyes flashed with an icy chill. Throwing that one statement at Lin Hao Yu's feet, she then left without even turning her head back.

    Lin Hao Yu was almost mortally wounded by that one statement from Jun Wu.
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